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Monday, October 5, 2009

Cat Pans, Magazines, and Poems - Randomness

Welcome to the world of randomness.


Alright...time to be serious.

I've had an interesting time lately. I haven't written much on my novel, The Sword of Fire (see word count at top right), but my poetry has finally picked up the pace.

The way I really weird. To write on my novel I need to be excited and energetic, nothing else can be on my mind, and I need to really feel the story. I need to easily get into the minds of my crazy characters. But though while to write poetry I also need to feel what I'm writing, it seems I often need to be worn out, tired, and down trodden. "What a downer Nathan!"

Yeah...guess so.

It just has seemed that most of my poems come across that way. I've written happy ones, but not often. Today, you will see an example of a poem that borders both joy and sorrow. Mainly on the sorrow side of course, but that just seems to be my style. But shhhh you'll have to wait till the end.

I figured it was time for some randomness, and seeing as how I just completed one of the most disgusting tasks known to man...I simply couldn't resist.

How many of you have cats? How many of those know...poop?

It's disgusting I know.

In the Petrie house it is my job to clean the cat pan. If done every day on time there should never be a problem. Perfect kitty-dump-facility. BUT never fear. I am a creative one am I not?

I find it boring when things are always the way they should be you know? So every once in a while I just don't clean the cat pan.

Just to shake things up right?

My parents, what do they know, seem to think that I merely "forget" to clean it, or that I am a "procrastinator". On the contrary, I always plan ahead. A dirty cat pan makes life more fun does it not? Makes one notice and use that sense of smell.


So tonight I decided that the time of creativity was over. The cat pan was (those skiddish of grotesque cat pans please be advised, the following details the cleaning of such a pan) lined with gooey-ickiness and no matter how much I scraped it was not coming off. Seems it decided to play with me. It cried, "You monster! How dare you leave me stuck to this plastic box! I wish to be free! My odors were made to fill the air of junk yards!"

I was pleased to let it have its wish.

So I sprayed it down, and sprayed, and sprayed. Then I scraped...and scraped...and scraped.


Alright scardy cats (no punn intended) you can come back now. Details are OVER.

Now, as this is a random post, I've got a couple comments to make.

First, have any of you heard of the magazine called G4T Ink? One of my friends got me a subscription to the magazine a little bit back and, after reading a good many stories and articles by teen writers, I decided to ask if I'd be able to write a story for them.

A few days later, I received word that they would look at my story. There was a word cap of 1,000 (probably half, at least, of my average story) and so I suggested a two part story.

And what do you know? The spring issue of the magazine will not only have the link to this blog in it, but the begining of a two part short story currently entitled The Test of Silence. When the magazine comes out I will be sure to post the story to hear what you all think. I am growing rather fond of the tale myself.

One last bit of randomness. How about I post a poem I wrote during one of those moments I talked about earlier? Would any of you disapprove of that? Good. I wrote this one early on in the school year. I was burdened for those that are lost without the One True King.

May this be our battle cry.

Their empty hearts are seeking
They cry for none to hear
They seek a light that's hidden
When earth is dressed in fear

The cruel master destroys them
They cry but do not run
Away from dark and towards You
Toward cross that bore Your Son

Remember hope within thee
Stand up and do not fall
"Recant!" they cry. But refuse!
Your Lord has made the call

They need us to be bold now
They need us to draw swords
They need us to defy Hell
And shout His sparkling words!

I pray do not be silent
For then a silent death
Will ever slowly seize them
And snatch away their breath

There's light! You've found it! Speak loud!
And warm your hearts gone cold
Love them for their Maker
And bring them to the fold


Seth said...

Very good! Congrats on the story and the magazine! I myself prefer dogs over cats. I could go into a whole debate about it as I often do, BUT I'll refrain from it, lol...

By the way, I have to ask for reasons of curiosity and for my publishing and writing career: How did you get to do the magazine article exactly?

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Seth, tehehe..why don't we discuss cats and dogs....though I also like dogs better :P

Well...I emailed the contact person...and asked if I could write a story. This magazine is different, as I will not be paid and they encourage teen writing a TON.

There's another magazine, though, that I've looked at that WOULD pay and I think I'd have a shot at getting into.

The keywords here are "Get Connected"! lol.

Seth said...

lol, I often have trouble with that, mayhaps I should start though. One more question, *laughs, I have been bugging you a bunch lately* What magazines do you recommend for improving and what magazines do you recommend for (if I were to get good enough at writing) to put a teen story in? Thanks.

Storyteller said...

The poem definitely makes up for the random kitty litter story! *laughs* Just because I do not usually read poetry doesn't mean I can't appreciate it, and I am inspired by your random poem! Well done! I do not think it is too dark... too dark would be dwelling on the pain we have and not turning the reader's attention to the One who gives Light. There is no point in dwelling on darkness when you have the Savior.
I also congratulate you on your magazine publication! Will this be your first time appearing in a magazine?

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Seth, I personally don't read many magazines on writing, reading, etc. There are others who would likely have a better answer. Mrs. Paul would likely return your question if you posted on her blog.

ST, glad you liked ze poem ;) I liked it too.
I didn't mean to say it was dark...but I was feeling really...broken while writing it.
And yeah...the light is so worth it lol

First magazine...yups lol

Seth said...

Thanks, could you possibly link me to her blog?

Nathan R. Petrie said...

There's a link in the sidebar to her writing tips one.

Her other blog, the site of the Mr. O Obituary, is

Seth said...


ben (pyrosian heir) said...

that was definitely hilarity followed on a stick followed by way better stuff than i have the ability to come up with even on a good day. props bro.

Seth said...

Hey, what are those book links to? I linked it but my computer blocked it :(, I'm just curious to what would block it...

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Glad you liked it Ben :D

Seth, the Nathan's Stories links?
It's just a freewebs site. I suppose the ads may block it. but they aren't bad.

It's just some of my writing

Seth said...

Yeah, the thing blocks alot of stuff that isn't bad, I was just curious to what the site were, because if they aren't bad I can probably get to it on another computer. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That was great, Nathan! I started laughing out loud and my sibs were walking by staring at me kind of funny. (BTW, I love the picture!)

Congrats on your publication! I tried to do that once, but didn't win the contest. Now that I look back, it's really funny.

I love the poem! More, MORE!!


Nathan R. Petrie said...

haha...glad you found it funny DOL :D

I'll be shouting from the rooftops when I see the final magazine. The story is actually on the Underground if you wanted to read it. It's called "The Challenge is Issued" that's part one.

and needs editing.

I posted another poem in my latest post. Different set up...but still a poem.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Where is it posted? I would really like to read it!!!

Did you ever come up with a name for that one poem that you posted on The Underground?


Nathan R. Petrie said... was at the bottom of the last blog post. I think you found it.

I named it Sought Light I believe

Gwendolyn said...

Great poem, Nathan.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Thank you Gwendolyn. Long time no see, yet again :(

Thanks though :D Me likes it as well ::laughs::

"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."