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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Live by Faith

Habakkuk 2:4
"...the just will live by his faith"

Those words are timeless, and at least to me they are some of the most powerful words transcribed in the Bible. If the Word of God is a double-edged sword Habakkuk 2:4 is its tip.

Live by faith.


In this life we will have struggles, those are the words of Jesus Himself. And these struggles often threaten to uproot us, to tear us to pieces, lock us away, and throw away the key. They are seemingly overpowering, shaking us to our very core, and threatening all that we've called dear.

They are the meat of life.

You see, if we truly believe that we were made for another world, that we were created to live different lives in the midst of a different land, that leaves nothing to this life but struggles. Our time on Earth is a time of testing, it will sift out the weak from the strong. Those who will cling to their Master and those who will reject Him.

Once we decide to cling to our God, our lives become a storm. A never-ending storm. It is through these times of misery that our strength is tested.

Let's use that lovely lighthouse at the top of this post as an example. That raging sea is life.

And we're a ship wreaked human.

A light shines into the darkness.

A solid rock is revealed.

It is during the storms of life that we are forced to cling to the one solid foundation that has built us. Only when the wind blows is the cornerstone proven firm. And a lighthouse does no good until there is a darkness for it to shine through.

God allows the storms for the joy of revealing Himself to us, and to test our faith in Him.

And when the storm finally clears we will have learned to cling to that rock. We will have learned the meaning of faith.

Then we will continue to live with it.

The just will live by his faith.

This idea is important to me, as it should be for all who claim the mantle of Christianity. Recently I not only wrote a poem about it but also wrote an entire chapter of my book in dedication to this thought.

To complete this post I shall let you see them.

Josh stood tall on the mountain-top post of the archers. This was the archers’ post, and yet Tarth—taking lead over Ithcar—had decided to allow the army to wait in their midst, three sword or axmen for every archer. When the signal to charge was sent, two for every three solider would rush onto the field, leaving the remaining dwarves to protect the archers. The sun was slowly climbing higher as Mollidia’s army suddenly appeared on the field, a few miles away from them.

A large speck, silhouetted against the sun, flipped and turned through the sky—Yahsor, with Glorf atop his back.

He looked about the mountains surrounding him. He could see clearly the posts for the archers. He and the other three commanders—Okran, Brontoc, and Tarth—stood clumped together for now, but when the battle began they would split up. Okran and Tarth would charge at the signal, and across the valley, far to Josh’s left, a flag had been set up to designate the command post of Brontoc. That was where the dwarf would run. And nearby to his left was his own. On the field of battle these would be the only two command posts. Above and behind him was the post of the Jreen Ithcar. The signals would come from him. The king had a better view of the battle than they did.

Josh sighed and opened his leg quiver to check his arrows. He had plenty to spare. He shrugged his shoulder and let down the quiver on his back. Yup, there was more than enough. And a whole bucket full was at his side.

The boy stared out onto the battlefield. Their army was drawing closer to the Tiriks.

He began to hear a sound in his mind—a young girl weeping. Josh shook his head as the wind blew his hair. He knew that voice, it belonged to the one he loved—Zark Keeneye.

Josh pinched the bridge of his nose. He loved that girl, loved her. And if she hadn’t been kidnapped he would have been engaged to her. He would have done it. He knew he would have. And now…

The boy wiped a tear from his eye and sat down on a chair set for him and let the tears fall. For once in his life he had been so sure, everything was going his way. But Zark had been taken! And he had to rescue her!

In his mind he wept along side her. He could only hope that Zark was still alive.

“Are you alright?” Josh looked up to see the elf turn his way, a worried expression on his face.

“I…I’m fine.” But he wasn’t, and the tears streamed all the harder.

Tarth nodded his head and then walked over by him, crouching next to the boy. “Josh, there is always hope. I once said that I was not sure if the hope was for us, but it is.” The Prince stared out at the battlefield and pursed his lips. “We walk in a time that will forever be remembered. History is being made, son. Zark is held captive by darkness’s claws, but the light is dispelling the darkness. Soon all will know and bow with trembling at the feet of the Most High, and we shall stand beside Him.” The elf laid a hand on his companion’s shoulder. “And Zark will stand as well.”

The boy looked up, eyes still shinning from tears. He believed this all in his heart, but he couldn’t make it clear to his mind.

“The light is shinning amidst the darkness, Josh. Embrace it, and do not hide from it is sting. Live by faith, my lad. And cling to the hope which you have.”

Josh wiped a tear, nodded his head, and forced a smile.

Tarth stood and placed a hand on the pommel of his sword. “Stand firm. Let us make clear the way for the justice of our King!”

I love this scene! Story lines such as this always excite me. And what's the lesson here? It's the same as what I've said thus far. When all fades away cling to the cross! Cling to the King! And live by your faith!

Verse 1;

The storm is blowing, that I know

There is a power down below

He’s pushing me, and blowing snow

And I can’t see, where I’m to go

I hear a voice cry out to me

His tone is sure, rings out with glee

His words delight the whole of me

And once they’re spoke, I fin’ly see


On Christ the solid rock I stand

All other ground is sinking sand

All other ground is sinking sand

And death is raging in that land

The rock it will not ever leave

Oh, never since I first believed

I stand with pride, in my great king

Who’s words are true and rescuing

Verse 2;

Though the storm blows I’ll never fall

Because of hope and grace to all

There’s not a giant that’s too tall

For me to surrender the call


Verse 3;

Take hope my friends and lend an ear

There’s one that I’d like to bring near

His name is Christ, slayer of fear

His sword is bright, God’s fin’ly here



There is a hope for you

There is nothing left to do

Join hands and sing out loud

Our God’s a rock, of this be proud


While I do not find this poem particularly well written, I believe God understands.

Thoughts such as these, the truths about the power of faith, have been my passion as of late. I've been going through a whole lot of...testing, though nothing compared to many of our brothers and sisters in Christ, and it is only my confession of faith and Christ's solid rock that have gotten me through it.

I chose to grab onto the lighthouse.

The light is shining in the darkness.

Have you embraced it?

Do not hide from its sting.

Live by faith.


Seth said...


pyrosian heir said...

dude... deep... both writings were great. truly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I love that story excerpt! Which book is it from? The poem os great, too. Also vaguely familier. . .

More, MORE!!


Nathan R. Petrie said...

Ben, glad you liked 'em :D

DOL, the story one was from The Sword of Fire, Book One of Redemption's Journey. It's from the climatic battle scene.

The poem...I was trying to write a song with the chorus of On Christ the Solid Rock I STand...that hymn. That could be where it's familiar.

Thanks for the comments guys!

HolyPure said...

What a deep post. So true. Thanks for posting it.

"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."