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Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's obviously been a while since my previous post, a fact for which I apologize. I've been quite busy with school work, Youth Group, family stuff, and all things of the like. Lif'e's busy! And sometimes that keeps blogs from being updated.

Aside from the usual business I have been avidly, aka a few times a week, preparing for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Am I participating? No, not officially. But I plan to use the month to dive back into the story.

I plan to finish the novel. So why am I not participating? Well, there aren't 50,000 words left to write, so I figured I'd write solo.

In preperation for this month I've begun to compile my notes, outlines, and previous versions of the chapters I will be writing. I am so stinking excited to do this! Four years in the making and the book will finally have a draft that I'll be mainly happy with. Of course I will then begin traditional editing, or my own version involving a TON of rewriting along with editing.

Here's a pic of what my desk looked like the other day.

Fairly messy I'd say, wouldn't you? And that's only the desk...I didn't post pics of the top of the dresser and the FLOOR. But that's my writing for ya. All digital copies of the first draft were lost in a computer crash so all I have from the originals is what you see.

Of course, that's not the originals proper, but it is the draft I am rewriting (I'll stop now to avoid confusing *laughs*)

I'm so pumped to finish this draft. Some of the cooliest scenes are coming up next.

Many of you are joining in on the writing fun I hear (with the NaNoWriMo propper) and I'd love to hear what your story is and what your goal will be. Perhaps I can host a few writing challenges on this blog to help with the competition. I'd love to do Word Wars with you all, just shoot me an email or Facebook me and I'll try and join you.

Every Friday in November I might post an update on TSOF as well as a word challenge. Would that be cool? I hope to see many of you hop on board. As long as one or two people comment or email me saying they'll do it I'll start ones.

Now for a bit of off-topic-ness

Very soon I will be hosting a book giveaway ::looks over his shoulder:: Very soon.

I've started a book reviews blog so you all need to check it out! (Books For the Kingdom) There's only one post now, but expect many more to come!

I'm entering the Scholastic Arts and Writing contest. I'll post my stories and such later, so I'll need your all's feedback!

As always, thanks for reading! Sorry about the late post, but I'll get back on schedule soon.

Vote in the poll at the top for the type of posts you like best! (it's a four way tie now)

To the end!

-Nathan R. Petrie


Storyteller said...

He is a busy guy! Your desk looks like mine. *laughs*

I am so excited that you will soon be finishing your novel!!! Well done! I shall keep your progress in my prayers.

Barie-ah Hue-en-la said...

lol. That looks like the pictures I have on my website.

Seth said...

Fun stuff, let's do this! First year in NaNoWrimo, but I'm doin it.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Thanks ST!

Barie, care to link me your website?

SEth, woohoo! Would you be up to writing challenges on Friday nights?

Seth said...

Most nights, I think I should make most if not all of them, but I'm not going to make any promises. You can go ahead and count me in though.

Pyrosian Heir said...

i would prolly be able to make it into the writing challenges assuming that i don't have any thing to do with the B that night.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Great guys! How do you think I should set the challenges up? Just post in my blog and let the comments stream be like the FB comments? Sounds good to me :D

How are your stories all coming along? What are they about?

Seth said...

Hmmm, I think a cool idea would be that we figure out a general schedule for challenges over the month of November, then we post the schedule on three sites (your blog, the Underground, and Word Wars on FB. I was thinking I would post them on the Underground, you would post them here, and DB would post them on FB) and then just post again when there's a challenge. That way we can get the most amount of people in on it.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Awesome :D I like that idea. I say we plan to have one every Friday of November and that they are all hosted on this blog (I'll make a post for each one). On those other sites we can direct people here. If people can't go to people's blogs then they c an use whatever site they're on.

If I can't do it on Friday's you or David or somebody could host one on the other sites.

Are there any other days good for challenges do you think?

Seth said...

Hmmm, I guess you've claimed Friday nights. I think I can host challenges on Tuesday, and Thursday nights, and Sunday afternoons. What do you think? We each pick a day to host and (idea! How about we compile everybody's word counts, and at the end we declare a winner between us(us meaning all the people who participate) for who has the most words?) organize those challenges. Whadda think?

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Sure. Should someone offer a prize? lol

Seth said...

Well, I just spent my money on golf clubs, so unless you got a book or something to give away, I'd say it's just for the bragging rights.

Chris said...

Nice blog, Nathan! I'm glad I finally found you on here. I like your pics. It reminds me of my desk before I got a laptop. :D
I'm a follower.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

haha Seth...I have one book to give away...but I'm going to do just a normal bog giveaway for that. Bragging rights it is lol (unless an ARC copy of I Know Why The Angels Dance counts ::laughs:: jk)

Hey Chris! desk is slightly cleaner as the newer typed copies come out lol

Thanks for follwoing :D

Anonymous said...

Your desk is so inspiring! lol
It looks like my notebook- pages falling out, sticking out from the pockets on the sides, etc. Totally awesome.

Good luck with the writing contest. (I'm entering one, too!) What are you going to submit?

I'd like to be included in the challenges. Shoot me an email or post somewhere when you guys do one!


Nathan R. Petrie said...

haha Why don't you email my mom and say "Mrs. Petrie...Nathan's room being messy is SO inspirational!" It'd be appreciated ;) lol

But no...I feel all special when the desk looks like that ;)

I'm going to do a Fantasy story,a poem, and maybe just a normal short story...and whatever else I come up with :D

I'll let you know when these start for sure :D

thanks again for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Maybe I will. . . lol

I feel special, too! It kind of says, "An aspiring author was here!"

Thanks. I would love to do that!


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