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Friday, October 16, 2009

Novel Update and Contests

Heyo! Seems it has been a while, far too long, since my last blog post. So I figured that since it had been such a long time that I should post the coolest topic so far right? I was then faced with the problem of deciding what the coolest topic was. The answer?

My novel, and free stuff.

That's right. I'm writing a novel.

Which of course, if you know me, you should already know.

This novel is part of a trilogy, with a prequel, that I've currently titled Redemption's Journey. While I personally find the story exciting, an obvious bias I know, I am not entirely sure what others will think. If the story is found not good enough...I've got a few other projects up my sleeve. :D

Considering that I now have a blog I thought I'd post where I'm currently at in the story. Keep you all on your toes if you will. Many of you have read bits and pieces of the first book, The Sword of Fire, and so I thought it'd be best if I let you know how the book is coming along.

I just recently finished a chapter I've called Worth Dying For. This is the book's 46th and is the highest point of the climactic battle (If one could consider this scene the "big" battle). The word count surpassed the 100K mark in this scene and I've been writing on it ever since August.

What's this mean?

The book is almost finished.

So I am super stoked to finish. The scenes will be easy to write as I draw nearer to the end. I've been rewriting for all these years and I'll finally be reaching scenes yet to be rewritten. The end of this novel might be one of the best endings EVER! (no...that's not biased at all). So I am really pumped to write it.


I also have a life. And lives involve frustrating homework, and awesome contests.

As most of you know I am a major competitor, or would like to believe that I am, in the Alternate Reality Game hosted by m'lords Batson and Hopper. And seeing as how this contest is now taking back off more of my writing time will be taken by this, as well as the usual stuff.

On top of that there is the Tribe Building contest which I seem to be utterly failing at. Hopefully things will shape up shortly.

Not sure what these strange terms I'm using are? Check out the links I gave. The ARG is hard to descirbe...but essentially it is a treasure hunt throughout the internet. One must begin here and fall down the rabbit hole to begin.

Tribe building is explained in the the link I gave and is REALLY awesome. Lots of great prizes and opportunities.

And all of these challenges revolve around Mr. Batson and Hopper's new book. The Curse of the Spider King. I for one plan on purchasing this book, supporte the two awesome writers, but there are MANY oppurtunities to snag this puppy for free.

Up-and-coming author Jacob Parker posted a giveaway on his blog (three chances to win).

There are a few others that expire shortly. So check 'em out!

So considering I'm a part of all of these completely awesome contests I'm having difficulty finding time to write. I've got these, school, and family to balance...and that's not always easy.

So here's my question for the day. When do you write? How do you write (type or by hand, music or without, pen or pencil, etc)? And are there certain rituals you do before hand (such as reading over something, listening to music, dancing, lighting a red candle, etc. lol)?

Oh...and to keep you all's an excerpt (VERY unedited) from my novel.

Happy writing/reading/breathing all!


Seth said...

YES! Another blog post lol. I usually write at night (or sometimes in the afternoon when I'm done with school, that's rare though) I type it on WORD docs, and listen to music. No rituals, just some music and some terrible writing lol

Nathan R. Petrie said...

You are much too modest my friend :P You're no where near terrible :P

I used to listen to music, but only to fill the intervals between writing and thinking.

I have such strange writing tendencies...and they often fluctuate.

Seth said...

Could you elaborate? Thanks Nathan, I often think myself not a good writer, but that's just Satan trying to get me down and not write for his Superior. If I may just say one more thing in this comment as an encouragement to me and any readers (hope it's OK) If you are writing a book for the glory of God, I do not believe that He will let you fail, He will lift you up, He will take care of you when you're going through the whole publishing deal and worried about your novel, He will bless you. I do not believe that the Lord would let you fail, if you are glorifying Him, then you shall succeed. This is what I believe.

Sorry if that was kinda long lol (I should post something like this in my blog once I get one, but mayhaps it will be longer)

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Elaborate? Alright.

I go back and forth between handwriting and typing. Changes every few months or so what I do and takes a good two weeks to get comfortable if I switch. When I hand write I often play music VERY softly in the background and fly through chapter.

When I type...I get more done per writing time...but I simply don't write nearly as much.

I frequently change everything listed above lol

The Lord will accomplish His plan. If His plan is for one to glorify Him in a different way than writing He will make it so. Whatever a man's motives God's will will be done.

No worries. Post all you like :D lol (on topic to a point at least lol)

Seth said...

Yes, I will keep it on topic lol. Yes, I agree with that, and I have been asking the Lord if it is His Will for me to write a book, I'm still not sure what to do, but I will continue to meditate (not like all that weird meditating, but meditating on His Word). IF it is His Will for me to write a book though, I don't believe He will let me do it badly, although I do not know His Heart and His Will, so I really cannot say anything.

Seth said...

I believe it 'tis time for a new post (wink wink) lol. jk

Nathan R. Petrie said...

I know Seth, I've been busy. I have one in mind though ;) Tonight or Friday...HOPEFULLY tonight.

Gwendolyn said...

I usually type, though I often write a rough draft before hand in a notebook. I occasionaly play music while I'm writing, normally music that fits the mood of the scene. If I'm handwriting, I like gel pens.

By the way, good story exerpt, Nathan. I like it!(Very unedited, though. Your writing style could use use some smoothing out to make for a better feel. I noticed that with other things I read of yours as well.)

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Thanks for the comment Gwendolyn!

I've been doing a WHOLE lot more typing rather than handwriting lately. Seems penmenship is becoming a lost art lol

Can't really ever do the music thing very well. LIke this post said, I used to....but not any more lol

Yeah...quite unedited. Can I ask this though? The problems you see with it, and apparently my other stuff, do you think they could be fixed by simple editing? Or would it require something more? Anything in specific that needs work?

Nathan R. Petrie said... I'm reading through that excerpt and I think I see some problems. It's quite choppy and I know the reason for this. I was focused WAYYY too much on trying to reamian using active sentences that I killed the scene.

Did you see anything else?

Anonymous said...

I used to handwrite all of my stories, but I never got around to doing it sometimes because my pencil always left a dent-thing in my finger! Not cool! So I started typing. Now, I type whenever I get the chance- it saves me a lot of time. (eg: typing up all the handwritten stuff I did, and just clicking on the Italics button on the top for thoughts instead of using cursive, which takes WAY longer.)
Whenever I write, I useally listen to music that fits the mood that I'm writing in- I've been listening to a LOT of Prince Caspian and Pirates of the Caribbean. Very cool stuff.

I haven't read your excerpt yet, but I'm excited about it! If it's anything like your poems. . . (need I say more?)


Nathan R. Petrie said...

haha...don't you love it when you have lead all up your arm from writing/drawing? ::laughs:: Dents don't sound fun either :P

Hmmm I used to do this to my thoughts /hi I'm a thought/. Then I simply didn't do anything and would remember what was thoughts when I typed lol. Cursive is a good idea ;) Wish I'd thought of it lol

When I did music that wasn't on the radio it was always Prince Caspian ;) lol

I'm afraid that if you read THAT excerpt you'll think I'm nuts to try to be a writer. There are better ones on the forum...that one stinks ::laughs::

Thanks for commenting DOL. Haven't seen you in a while ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, lead is fun! lol

Cursive takes too long, though. Especially when you're in the middle of the action, then you have to stop and write in cursive. Yuck!

I can't listen to music on the radio when I type- I start singing and don't get any writing done. (PC? Great minds, etc, etc! lol)

I bet it doesn't stink! I'll read it soon; I can't read it now- I have to finish school. :P Maybe later.


Nathan R. Petrie said...

Hmmm when I was in like 2nd grade learning cursive...they said it was faster.....I've never believed them :P lol

It really isn't all that great :P Any feedback is always appreciated but I'm pretty certain I know what the problem is with that's just awful :P lol

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I got that, too. I was like, "Cursive? FASTER? Nuh, uh." I prefer print. Much faster.

Just awful? Yeah, I've had quite a few of those books! I've started about 100+ books in my life- only two of my short stories are finished, due to lack of time and intrest! Still, keep up the good work! I can't wait to buy your book and consume it in less than a day!!!


Gwendolyn said...


I've always found cursive to be considerably faster and easier than printing, DoL (and Nathan). When I print for long my hand gets cramped up, and I always revert to cursive.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

I hate cursive :P

Millardthemk said...

Hehe* as do I.

"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."