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Friday, November 13, 2009

Writing, Challenges, and Writing Challenges

Well, it seems that it's been quite a while since I posted last and I thought I'd at least explain why I've not posted and my hopes to post more soon.

I've had more school than I thought I'd have.

Tis the pains of being a teenager. I'm quite busy.

On top of all of this I've been praying and writing quite a bit about my youth group and people involved in it. Seems that unity and love is becoming harder traits for the church to maintain. I'll likely post a about this once I get my act together but it's been bothering me, and so I cannot seem to write. Write on here, or in my novel.

So my writing has been challenged as my heart's been tested in life. Perseverance and confidence in my story and faith in the power I believe it will have has been tested, and thus the writing part has slowed.

But have no fear, I've got a couple of writing challenges to host coming up.

How's this sound, meet on this blog tomorrow at 8:30 EST and write like crazy until 9:30 EST? The point of these challenges is to sit down and force oneself to write on a project, not censoring one's work and not allowing any distractions. Through this method I've penned tens of thousands of words. All thanks to author Wayne Thomas Batson. He started these challenges and is hosting one now. (Please join if you're online and have a Facebook. His is located here). The challenge goes until like 10:15ish but you can join in and hop out at your own convenience. If you do not have a FB please feel free to post your starting word count and results here.

So, tomorrow at 8:30. Will I see you there?

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