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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Part Two is Completed!

The dwarf king walked next to Tarth and smiled up at him. He leaned forward and whispered. “Thank you.”

The Prince’s lips turned up at the corners and he nodded. “It is the King that redeems, not I.”

“But through the willingness of His servants the Most High does mighty things.” The Jreen of the dwarves let a smile fill his face, swelling with a joyous pride. He turned back to his people. “And by their hands the nations will praise Him.”

The above is a quote from the second of three parts in my novel. And it is found in the final chapter. I think it sums up the theme of the section nicely--that God uses His servants in mighty ways.

I am so excited! As many of you know I've been writing the novel for nearly five years. And in all this time I've only passed the middle section of the novel once, and that was the first draft. Part Two is a newer addition to the story and consists mainly of an epic battle and preparation for said battle. It was awesome to write and I trust will be awesome to read once edits have been done.

Part three begins the climax of the story, as well as the slowing down. The whole story leading up to this point has been the main characters trying to rescue the main main character's sister. Thus, Part Three is entitled "The Lost is Found" and I have not had a chance to visit this section in many the year. And I am SOOOO excited.

Part three means a lot to me. It's the end of the story, the completion of the quest (completion of this tale, maybe not contentment for the characters however. "Lost" doesn't have to mean the guy's sister ;) ). It's my favorite part of the novel. And it signifies one thing;

The end.

The day I will be able to type those words for the last time will be a grand day indeed.

I cannot imagine what it must feel like to have a completed manuscript and be satisfied with it. To be ready to send it out to publishers, agents, and editors. Man, that's gotta be an awesome feeling.

How many of you have finished a manuscript? How many look forward to it? I know I do.

The other thing that comes to mind with this is how to end the novel. I have a pretty sweet ending if I say so myself but I'm curious--what makes a good ending? There are two kinds of novels--series novels and standalones. So for series, how should they end? Standalones? I'm curious. I have my own ideas, of course, but as always I'd love to hear from you :)

The end. (or is it? o.O )


Anonymous said...

Sounds purely awesome Nathan! You deserve the satisfaction of having a finished manuscript. GOOD AYA MATE!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! First comment!

I have only finished a few short stories in my life, but let me tell you what- it IS an amazing and thrilling thing! To be DONE with something you've spent what seems your whole life on is GREAT!!!

Why don't you do the last part sometime in your Christmas break? Then you can get a lot done without the distraction of school. Lock yourself in your room, too!!

Break a leg with that last part, Nathan! I can't wait to read it!


Anonymous said...
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Nathan R. Petrie said...

Thanks a ton Millard!

DOL, I do plan on working over the break to finish :) Hopefully it happens :)

Can't wait to be finished! Thanks!

Storyteller said...

Congratulations, Straight Arrow! I am excited for you!!!

As for your question, I can truthfully say that I rarely end stories. True, the book itself may end, but my mind ALWAYS continues the "lives" of my characters. So, quite obviously, I rarely create a standalone novel. *laughs*

I do think that each book in a series needs to end with unanswered questions. This will draw the reader into the next book.

Again, well done with your writing. Keep at it! May God guide your pen.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

ST, I used to get teachers all fed up for not ending short stories happily and all summed up lol And though I do have some standalone novel ideas, I should hope the worlds are deep enough for continuation lol. I too enjoy books, and think all good ones should, that end with mystery. lol Thus TWLC lol

Thanks a lot girl :) Keep at writing your self. I expect great things from ya :)

Barie-ah Hue-en-la said...

Way to go Nathan! Good luck with the third part!
I have completed two novellas . or whatever they are supposed to be called. Nothing as big as what you've done though.
Random comment: You're name is driving me crazy!! Can't you have your blogger account say Keeneye too? Nathan Petrie sounds horrid when I say it. NUH-thin Puh-TREE

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Thanks Barie!
And if you've finished two novellas you should consider editing them a ton and then getting them all polished up and the like. Flaming Pen Press may be opening novella submissions in the NEAR future :)

Wouldn't Keeneye sound like "Kuhn-uie"? lol

You could just call me Keeneye ;) lol

Barie-ah Hue-en-la said...

Naw, they were just for practice. Not really worth reading. Don't Kill the Good Doctor is looking like it may grow to be one though.

No, Keeneye is like Key-NYe

Thanks. :)

Pyrosian Heir said...

i don't have any expereince finishing any as of yet... but one series (the saga of Recluce) that i've read stands out for good endings. half of the series is 2 book mini-series and the other is stand-alone novels. yet all of them can work as stand alone books despite being all set in the same world. and all of them usually resolve whatevers going on in that particular book, with no real need to tie anything up unless the author feels so inclined. its quite intriguing.

"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."