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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Covers, Pre-Readers, and Chick Flicks - A Random Post

So what do the following things have in common?
  • Book Covers
  • Pre-Readers
  • Chick-Flicks
Er...nothing. Which is why this is a random blog post! Woohoo!

If I had to say that there was something in common it'd be that these three things have all played a part in my past week. All three are pretty awesome lol.

First off, I'm sure most of you know who teen author Jacob Parker is. I talk about him quite a bit on my blog, creepy I know, and this past week his novel Kestrel's Midnight Song (due out December 2010 - Spring 2011) received its first bit of cover art!!

Head on over to The Yodeling Dwarf to see this awesome work of art.

I've read the first couple chapters of Kestrel's Midnight Song and Jacob writes exceptionally well. If that cover sketch doesn't grab you read the prologue and you'll be hooked.

But I'd like to focus on the cover today. Let me make one thing clear--that is only a sketch, and that alone would convince be to buy the book.

Cover art is extremely important in the writing world, especially for newbie authors. "Don't judge a book by its cover" sounds really nice and pretty, but everyone does it. Raise your hands if you have. I do it.

I typically judge first by title and then by cover/back summary. But here's what a cover has to do/be for it to interest me;
  • Nicely Drawn (duh)
  • Mysterious
  • Different
  • Set the book apart from others
I think Jacob's cover covers all of these things. And it's not even finished yet! The dragon/bird/griffin creature is called an Aegre Bird and is half bird/half dragon. When it is done it will likely be a reddish color. Pretty sweet right?

The sketch is drawn very well. So the finished product will likely be incredible. The Aegre bird is super mysterious, one of the coolest original creatures ever. And naturally, being an original creature, it is different and sets it apart.

So I really like it lol

How about you? What are your favorite covers? What makes a book have a good cover? What does "good cover" even mean? And are covers even important? Why or why not?

Some more big news. Do you all remember Scott Appleton? He visited my school not too long ago (see blog post) and there I bought his first book--Swords of the Six (also with an awesome cover).

Well the sequel, Offspring, will be coming out in the spring of 2011 and Scott asked me to pre-read it!

I am super excited! I've only ever pre-read one novel before and it was a blast. I expect a lot out of Offspring. Swords of the Six rocked my socks and, as my review says, I know it was only the beginning to a much larger and epic series.

Now with pre-reading comes reader reviews/endorsements. Whether or not Scott wants me to write one or not I'm not sure yet. But I'm curious, do you read endorsements? Do they mean anything to you?

And last night I went and saw that movie Leap Year with some friends of mine.

Yeah, it was a chick flick. But there was this really cool Irish guy.

How can you not like a movie where there are lots of people with Irish accents? I mean come on! It's awesome!

But yeah, the story was good too :)

So what do you guys think? Covers? Pre-readers? Chick flicks?

Bring it on.


Storyteller said...

I would suspect that you hacked into my computer and read my half-finished, unpublished blog post regarding the Dwarf's cover art, but I think I know you better.
Ah, now I know who the Irish dude was that you mentioned on your Facebook this morning.

Cloe said...

I love Jacob's cover! It is very nice.
For me, a good cover has to look cool.
It needs to make me want to know what's inside the book.
And, if the cover has anything to do with medieval times, I'll read it. LOL
You get to per-read his book! That's cool!

Seth said...

Same here ST(referring to the latter part your comment). I myself do read endorsements sometimes, usually just looking for endorsements by authors that, like I'll look for WTB's endorsement on CH's books or vice versa and in different scenarios. And yeah, looking forward to Kestrels Midnight Song coming out.

Jessica said...

Despite the saying sometimes it is the best way of understanding a book. Bad cover art does turn me off and sometimes you can read the ENTIRE story just by a good glance at the cover.
I like a professional look about books I read and own, excellent art a catching or interesting title and an intriguing synopsis on the back cover or inside flap that gives me enough to wet my taste buds and know exactly what I am getting into but not too much that it spoils the story.

Getting to pre-read is totally SWEET! Naturally I don't get to read authors that are published but one of my friends and I exchange our stories back and forth and that I count as a special privilege.

Irish accents have to be one of the best on earth...well maybe I am a little prejudice because I have Irish in me blood. A quarter of me comes from that emerald isle.

Hey just thought of this this post has one thing in common through out...YOU. Sorry just thought I would point that out random as it may be.

Jacob R Parker said...

Thanks for the mention, Nathan. And way to go with the sweet pre-read. :)

Madeline said...

Erm, Nathan, did you happen to notice the comment in Chinese...above mine...

ANYWAY yes, I admit a book's cover often prejudices me about how I'll like the book. But the worst thing in the world, before cheesy writing, is cheesy cover art. ARRRRGGGHHHH. And Jacob's is pretty awesome. lol

I meself am a quarter Irish. lol I think Scots accents are a bit cooler but Irish accents are a close second. I could listen to them all day!

JT Norlander said...

Go Irish accents! I went and saw that movie too! :)

Declan was definitely a sweet character.

thanks for following my blog, BTW. I'm enjoy yours so far. :)

B. D. Eastman said...

So I have found your blog! Is this the same guy I email special updates about AIO too?

Nathan R. Petrie said...

ST, yes...I'm a good hacker ::grins:: jk

Cloe, it's pretty sweet right? And yes...looking cool is always :)

Seth, I do that too. I also look for endorsements from readers I know. If I'm looking at a new book however, I just look for authors that I respect to see if they praise it or not.

Jessica, seems you and I judged a book the same way lol
You're lucky to have a friend like that. Don't let her go ;) LOL When you start getting published, it'll come in handy to have a crit partner.
Ireland rocks :)
Yes it's about me :P It's a random post on MY blog ;)

No prob Jacob. I'll be sure to continue rubbing it in your face LOL jk

Madeline, I see no comment ;)
Scotts and Irish are pretty close though lol

JT, what'd you think of it? Declan was awesome :P lol
Glad you like it!

Brock, YOu may be sending me updates. I don't remember. I was planning on doing your contest and may have subscribed to something. But my email changed since then :P lol
Anywho, I hope you like the blog ;)

Madeline said...

IT DISAPPEARED!! Trust me, it WAS there....

Nathan R. Petrie said...

I deleted it ;) lol

Madeline said... that's it...*giggles* I knew

Millardthemk said...


I liked what you said with the CCC Part One Loyal SideKick. I have yet to read it through in one sitting, but I like it. :)


Seth said...

Hey, what's the link to your review blog? Every time I click on the one on your sidebar thing, it says that this blog doesn't exist. Thanks,


Nathan R. Petrie said...

Thanks Millard! When you finish let me know in a comment under that post ;)

Seth, I changed the address of the blog and forgot to change the link o.O should be fixed now.

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