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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Guardian's Tree: Edits Complete!

I'm sitting in my school's library and I just completed my very first novella. Not only is the story written, see post on its completion, but it has now officially passed through one round of editing. I like to call this round my personal edits. Meaning, no one but me edited it. I got some input from my father on the plot, but no one has critiqued the whole story yet.

Editing, to be quite honest, is a lot of fun for me. I may be the only writer on the face of the planet that feels this way, but I thoroughly enjoy editing. I love writing the first draft as much as anyone, but the rewriting and the editing is a lot easier in my opinion. I can think things through and look at connections and expand.

I'm a huge fan of expanding.

Most writers cut when they edit, my problem (and specialty) is expansion.

In this story, it worked out better that I was going to expand. The story's original draft was maybe 11,000 words and while 10,000 was the minimum that the publisher wanted, I was shooting for 15,000. To give you a rough estimate, 15K is about 60 pages.

So I expanded, and I think the story is much better than it was originally.

So now the story is off to my critique buddies. Good old Jacob Parker and Christian Miles (when he's done critiquing Jacob's book Kestrel's Midnight Song). And that's the other thing I love--feedback. Because I rarely get it. Good and bad, GIVE IT TO ME. lol

So what about you? What do/don't you like about editing? Have you found critique groups helpful? What is the biggest problem you see in people's writing?

To the end,


Silver Angel said...

agreed! :D editing and rewrites are pretty fun... :D

though, i am no good at editing other peoples work... i have done it rarely :O even then, in small little places only...


Galadriel said...

I love to edit! Really, it's so much fun. If there's any sections that need extra help, I'd love to help out.

Squeaks said...

I have to say that I prefer writing to editing :P I've edited several parts of my brother's story and a couple of pieces for friends.

I'm beginning to enjoy editing more, since my English teacher is a hard-core grammar enthusiast and I'm learning lots from her.


Gwendolyn said...


That's great. *grins* Just great. I'm gone for two weeks from the computer but when I'm back I'll send you the rest of the prologue.

Editing is great fun. I like the analyzing and the re-creating, and the making of a more powerful scene than was before.

EDIT - word verification is....tingut. Hm.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Silver Angel, HUZZAH!

@Galadriel, Glad to know I'm not crazy :D And certainly! There's a couple iffy parts I might let you take a look at. Thanks!

@Squeaks, Most people hate editing. I heard a writer compare it once to being pecked to death my chickens :P So you aren't alone. WE'RE the weird ones :D

@Gwen, Cool beans :D Right, I like making the scene exactly the way I want it. ::shrugs:: We're just weird :)

Beorn said...

Boy, I must say that I have no clue what editing will be like, as I just finished my prologue and am working on chapter 1. I really hope it will be easy, but something tells me it just wont be for me... eep!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Beorn, I'll blog on editing once I start getting feedback. The editing/rewrites is perhaps the most important part lol

Izori said...

*sigh*. Enjoying editing would be so awesome. Too bad I don't. Have fun!

R.P.H said...

So cool my talented friend, I can't wait to read it all someday! BTW I loved your poem for Resurrection Day.

God's care,

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Izori, haha I enjoy it...until like...the 5th time through :P lol

@Ryan, Thank you so much! And I'm glad you liked the poem!

Anonymous said...

That is so great!!

One thing that really bothers me is grammar. I've heard from random people that I'm a perfectionist. I'm not that good at grammar, but when I see 'their' when it should be 'they're' I get pretty, uh... annoyed. : D


PS: My word verification word is strinc. hmmmm...

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@DaughterofLight, Grammar police=Writers. UNITE!

Storyteller said...

Congratulations, Keeneye! It is so great watching you travel this road! Keep it up!

Jessica said...

Yay! So glad the first round of editing is done. For me editing is a love hate relationship. I love it because I can see it getting better, I hate it because it is time consuming and occasionally painful.

Love or hate editing is good for me.

Squeaks said...

@ Nathan,

Oy...editing is definitely like being pecked to death by chickens. Especially when it comes to writing essays for school :S Revise, revise, revise...I love just writing. Leave the editing for the people who enjoy it XD Okay, maybe not, I don't think I could trust my book to be edited the first time through by a stranger lolz!


Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Jessica, editing is faster for me than writing haha

@Squeaks, I hate writing essays for school :P

Star-Dreamer said...

You are lucky that you have people willing to look at your work in its entirety and give you feedback. That's one area that I have trouble with because while many of my friends enjoy reading, almost none of them enjoy reading my genre. *lol* I'm excited for you though; I know how great it feels to get your rough draft done, and I know how great it feels to complete your first round of editing.

But I have to say that you are not the only one who enjoys the editing stage of the writing process! Personally, I almost like it better than writing the rough draft... that's my delema as of the moment: whether or not I should continue working on one of my RD's, or go back and edit (yet again) and RD that I already have written. *lol* I suppose I should just keep writing and put the editing off for later, but it's so hard! My red pen is calling to me from the drawer where I stuffed it... it's tiny voice just gets louder and louder...

"I'm in here! You know you want to use me! You can't wait to see my tear apart your manuscript and put it back together again! Help me! It's so dark in here..."

But I shall resist! *lol*

"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."