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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Little Brother is Blogging

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My little brother, Stephen, decided to enter the land of Bloggers. The deciding factor of whether or not he keeps the blog up will be based on readership, I can assure you lol. I thought I'd give him a royal surprise.

Jump on over to his blog and slam the first post full of comments. Act crazy, get bizarre. But surprise the bejeevies out of him.

His blog is called Live Life Loud and will likely end up being about his thoughts on faith and witnessing and whatever randomness pops into his head.

So yeah, the first random post in quite a while. Enjoy it ;)

To the end,


Gwendolyn said...

I swung on over there, but I can't comment unless I log onto a Google account! Oh well. You can tell him I had the the intention of commenting, anyway. :P

Seeing as I was gone for a while, your wonderful blogs have stacked up on me. Now I'm going to go catch up on the comments and post my own. ^_^


Eldra said...

Wow, I was looking through your favorite music and was surprised (but excited) to realized we like almost exactly the same style of music. Except for Relient K, I love every one of those bands. Except for Skillet and Disciple, you don't really have a lot of "harder" bands on your list, which means I'm assuming means you're not really into the really heavy stuff...

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Gwen, I'll let him know ;)

@Eldra, You don't like Relient K? LOL They're high on my list of favorites, if I were to list them <_<

Disciple is my favorite band at the moment. I like all styles of music, from classical to screamo...literally...and I change favorites all the time haha. Personally, I think TFK, Decyfer Down, and Pillar are "heavy"er lol.

So I really like the heavier stuff, just haven't had time to look for new bands and such.

I like all kinds lol Every bit. I listen to a station called Air1 that plays all those Christian bands. SWEET stuff right? :)

Stephen Petrie said...

yo thanks for the shoutout mister famous internet brother it has really helped.!

Gwendolyn said...

Eighty-five followers, Nathan?! You're getting positively famous. ^_^ I think you had just topped fifty when I left Facebook.

Eldra said...

Yeah, I have Air1 saved on my list of favorites, but I don't listen to it much. There's a site called, which is a combination of four different stations, including HardRock, HipHop and PowerPraise (which sometimes has heavier music playing then the Rock or even HardRock!). You can request songs from their massive list, though it sometimes takes them a while to play what you want to hear. I've discovered dozens of new (or old) bands that I now really like. Probably the most notable are Decyfer Down, Code Of Ethics, We As Human and This Fires Embrace. You should definitely check it out.

~God Bless~

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Stephen, anytime!

@Gwen, famous? Pfft. Not yet ;) lol

@Eldra, I think I will check it out! Thanks!

Chris said...

haha, you basically described my blog so far :P

Nathan R. Petrie said...

haha Glad to see you on blogger dude!

Chris said...

Hi, Nathan! I tagged and awarded you over at my blog. :)

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Cool beans Chris!
When I finally do a post on'll be the length of a novel haha


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