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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Story

I apologize for the spaces between posts. I have several in the works that I'm excited for you to read :) I've been busy with school stuff and editing TGT, and the fact that my computer was down for a few days didn't exactly help with that.

Anyhow, I thought I'd upload this video I made yesterday about my testimony.


To the end,


Storyteller said...

Amen! Thank you for sharing your story with us. God is so great!

(Now I know that I've been pronouncing you last name wrong! Oops.)

Gwendolyn said...

Nathan, that was wonderful to hear. Thank you.

I know what you mean about being the 'goody two-shoes'. I was the same way since a pretty young age; only I knew it was only a front, and I hated myself for it even while I kept it up. ^^ Thanks be to God that he offers freedom from chains, or I would still be wandering in misery!

God is indeed great. (And now I too know that I've been pronouncing your last name wrong. :P) Here's waiting for your next posts. ^_^

~ Gwendolyn

Isaac Permann said...

Sweet! that was awesome!

Anonymous said...

That was an awesome video.

Daughter of the King said...

Thank you so much for sharing your testimony Nathan! I love to see (hear) my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ fall so deeply in love with God and to come to know Him on such a personal level as I now know Him. I too grew up in a Christian atmosphere, and got saved and an early age...never knowing what a relationship with God truly meant until I was much older and my relationship became transparent with Him, seeing all that I was not and all that HE was...and having myself lay everything I was at His feet I began to see clearly for the first time.

People out there in this world need to know about, and to hear, testimonies like yours (and even mine I suppose)who are struggling with living in their sin natures. Your being transparent with God and others will help people see God through all you are in your daily walk with Him, and I hope that through your writings too they will glimpse God!

I cannot wait to see where God leads you on in your life and your writings (even thought I may not REALLY know you.)I look forward to following your blog, and your writings.
Many blessings to you Nathan!

Ruthie Stella said...

Totally awesome.
My story is somewhat similar. It's good to know none of us are alone in what we go through :)

Jare and Lib said...

It's awesome that you can share your story Nathan - a God Awesome thing (ya’ know what I'm saying?).

I hate it when I feel like I'm only a "Christian" because I go to church, and that I haven't done some of the big "don'ts" and the majority of my closes friends go to my church/are Christians themselves. It’s even worse sometimes when you’re dad is one of the three head Elders (who take turns preaching) of your church. Then suddenly everything you do is judged according to “how a elder’s daughter should act”, and that sometimes I just don’t feel it. I’ve learned a lot of lessons in this pass year and a half. Some I wish I didn’t have to (because they hurt so much) and others I’m glad that I have. I don’t know if I would be able to live today if I hadn’t. A sinner saved by grace. Me in a nutshell.

Blessings brother,

Brenna Dixon said...

That was amazing, Nathan. Thanks for sharing your testimony. :)

First I pronounced your last name like you said it, then I thought that probably wasn't right, so I pronounced it Peh-Tree. ::facepalm:: ;)

eraser310 said...

I have had my own problems too, I really liked your video. When do you want to get together to help me make mine?

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Storyteller, thank you :) And yes. It's PEE-tree :P lol

@Gwen, I didn't feel like it was a front. But I certainly was never happy with where I was. Always wanted to be better lol

You too? ::facepalm:: It's like from Land Before Time :P

@Daughter of the King, Definitely. The feeling of surrender is terrifying and wonderful at the same time :D

Thank you!

@Ruthie, We're never alone :) And through Him "More than conquerors" :D

@Lib, Yeah I know how that is. I'm a preacher-kid ;) lol Sometimes we need to tear up the bonds of religion and just live in the love of Christ. Get rid of the rules and just live in the freedom God called us too.

"Some I wish I didn't have to..." Tell me about it. Pain is...awful. But I wouldn't rewrite it for all the glory in the world. Like I said, I needed to break....

@Brenna, land before time :P

@Eraser, whenever you want to!

KelseyAnne said...

How to often does the church applaud a "good testimony." One who has turned away from a life of partying and declared Christ as Lord. I commend you for choosing righteousness from a young age, and my testimony is much like yours; although a bit rockier in places. Thank you :)

Evergreena said...

Meh. Me and my brother used to love Land Before Time, and I STILL pronounced your name wrong! *sigh* I'm a hopeless case.

Thank you for sharing! It's always good to hear other Christians speak from the heart and tell their journey.


Elle said...

What an encouragement to read your blog and watch your testimony! Having lived a lot longer than you, I can easily say that God molds us and breaks us many times in many ways over the years, as the loving and patient potter that he is. If only I would remain pliable clay that didn't need the occasional breaking! Keep on writing; keep on blogging! Remember that the enemy will try to discourage/ destroy you because you God's precious child. Don't forget the vastness of God's love and forgiveness! I see such amazing potential in you -- Can't wait to read your books one day!
-Elle in Georgia

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@KelseyAnne, Hoenstly all testimonies should be considered "good". Regardless of the circumstances we were once hell-bound sinners, and now we are alive.

@Evergreena, I'm horribly dissappointed in you :P LOL

@Elle, Part of what I learned in this breaking was that, as the Bible says, we are never tested beyond what we are able to handle. In Christ we are "more than conquerors". If I need breaking, I want it to come. I hate living a fake life.

Thank you all so much! Truly, you are an encouragement.

In His Mighty Power,

Jessica said...

Wow Nathan! Thank you so much for sharing. Your testimony is an encouragement.

Secrets are painful bonds that end up hurting not only the one who keeps it but everyone that is affected. I am so glad that you have found is a refreshing and rewarding yet painful experience. THANK YOU FOR SHARING! It takes great boldness and I really, really appreciate it.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Jessica, thank you so much! YOU'RE an encouragement :) Freedom is a wonderful thing :)

"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."