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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Resurection Day Poem

Nothing long and spiffy today. Enjoy the celebration of our King! Here's a poem I wrote this morning.

One night the darkness covered all
And Death raised sickle, proud and tall
A King was struck to death by Hell
And evil relished in His fall

An old King entered kingdom lost
Prepared and ready for the cost
Armed to the teeth, he dueled with Death
And died upon that bloodied cross

The battle raged through time and space
Though Hell could not behold His face
The Light, it burned, and tore at Death
The Reaper fled my Lord in haste

My King made chase, blade raised to slay
One that with whom us harlots play
His sword devoured sin and death
And night gave way to light of day

Death tried but could not save its den
Death fought but could not keep Him in
It fell to power, righteous, strong
"Death, today I AM your end"

With Death was sin forced yet to fall
Breaking chains and freeing all
Imprisonment was shattered, lost
And vic'ry march began its call

Today there shines light in the dark
Today the hopeless sing with lark
Today the broken are made new
Today we sing, "How great Thou art"

Recall today His victory vast
How Death can no more hold us fast
Take up the cry of redeemed slaves
Shout, "Free at last! I'm free at last!"


Squeaks said...

Wow! I'm constantly amazed at how much awesome stuff you have to share!! Wonderful poem! The imagery is amazing...gotta love it :P We certainly do have an awesome God!

He is Risen!


Storyteller said...

Praise be to the Christ! Beautiful work, Keeneye! A lovely reminder. Thank you for sharing it!

Barie said...

I've missed your poems since I left the underground, and now I get the pleasure of reading another at last!

Overall, a great poem for a great day. Thanks for posting it.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Squeaks, Thank you so much! Because He is alive, we can live Alive!

@Storyteller, Definilty! Thanks for reading!

@Barie, You could always visit TUG JUST for my poems :D I don't sign into the forum all that much anymore. It's pretty....hectic? lol
Glad you enjoyed it :D

Scott Appleton said...

Hmm, that is very good!
You never mentioned (as far as I remember) that you write poetry.

Galadriel said...

Very good poem. I really like the symbolism and imagery

Barie said...

Nathan, I always mean to, but I never get the chance. My life has been . . . crazy lately. Hehe.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Scott, that might have slipped our discussion. lol I thought I mentioned it ::shrugs:: Any how, this is definitly not my best work. But it's good. I'm glad you liked it! Check my Facebook ;) There's better samplings lol

@Galadriel, Thank you!

Jessica said...

How beautifully expressed. I keep reading it over and over and over again. That is what I love about poetry not as long as a novel but at times just as powerful and the lines in rhyme always stick in my head with ease. Thank you for sharing Nathan!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Jessica, exactly. Poetry is a beautiful way of expressing onself and/or a point. Rhyming is fun too ;) I hate when English teachers tell me I can't rhyme. Rhyming makes people remember I think ;)

Squeaks said...

lol! Rhyming always was hard for me :P I prefer free verse, it's just XD. Nevertheless, I love rhyming poetry, it sounds great and (as Jessica said) it sticks in your head easier.


Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Squeaks, Free verse is TOO free for me haha

Squeaks said...

@ Nathan...haha yes, it can get to be a bit free at times :P I love rhyming verse, but you can only get it to roll in one way. It doesn't come together as easy. For me, I see free verse as a kind of mental breathing. You breath in ideas and breath out onto the page. It's much more personal than prose. When you think of it, rhyming poetry is kind of like exercise... (lol) it's rhythmic, but in a mental/verbal kind of way. On the other hand, free verse is like daily life. It has only the pull of an undercurrent of subconscious thinking.

Gaah! I'll save that discussion for another year XD I can't seem to get my words down the way I want them to today. They seem to be rebelling against me...viciously. Little rascals eh?


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