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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Guardian's Tree Novella....or More?

Followers of my blog will remember my excitement about my latest work The Guardian's Tree. Quite possibly the most original story I've ever conceived, I dove into it and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Soon after the idea hit me I was invited to submit the manuscript, when finished, to Flaming Pen Press.

Last night I heard back from the publisher and was totally blown away by the response:

"The Guardian's Tree" is the best work of fiction, to date, that has been submitted to Flaming Pen Press. I am a picky reader and rather slow. I started reading TGT last night and finished today! You hooked me from the beginning and pulled me along for a surprising, artful allegory.
The writing is excellent (reminded me of Bryan Davis's best) and I think we could launch a very sucessful seires out of the TGT storyline.

This, for me, is very high praise! Scott Appleton, owner of FPP and author of The Sword of the Dragon series (whom I met if you remember), is indeed a very picky reader. I was expecting a response along the lines of "'s a good story" but this just blew me away. I am very excited about his reaction!

Plus, I am a huge fan of Bryan Davis, so to be compared to him means a lot.

Scott continued to say that though the story was phenomenal as is, he feels there is tons more story that can be told. He suggested that I expand the current TGT plot line into a novel and eventually a series of novels. After providing some suggestions on plot additions, he then invited me to re-submit if I decided to write a novel.

This poses me with a serious question.

Do I halt work on The Fire to start expanding TGT? Do I even make TGT into a novel? Do I continue my plans to go to the ACFW writer's conference this fall (where I planned to pitch The Fire)? And what do I do over the summer?

Here is my brilliant plan.

I will halt all work on The Fire, maybe outline here and there but pretty much stopped. I will focus all efforts on the new TGT series. At the moment I am jotting down ideas for plot expansions. I will still go to the conference where I will pitch TGT's first novel, assuming it's finished in time. I'll weigh my options after the conference and decide what to do with the manuscript then.

I was brainstorming this afternoon and I'm really excited to get working on this expansion! Trust me, this is going to be one must read :) [says the non-biased writer]

Anyhow, I'm posting to let you all know that TGT is so far having huge success! Please pray that I decide as God wills for the story.

Thanks for the support!

To the end,

EDIT - If you would like to read two scenes from the novella version, you can! Go here if you're interested!


Anonymous said...

(Woah, first comment!)

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! That's wonderful!! I can't wait to read TGT- the WHOLE series!! (Maybe we can work something out along the lines of an autographed copy? lol) That's high praise indeed!! Woah! I'm totally blown away. You must be good!! I'll do a friendly critcism if you want me to- my friends say I'm a perfectionist!


Jake said...

I read the first part of TGT, and I agree with Scott Appleton. It is AMAZING. If it was made into a novel, I would buy it. Really.

In fact, I was rather thinking the same thing. "If this was a novel..." :D

Good job!

Beorn said...

Whoa, that's sweet! Definitely one I'd buy. Good luck!

Katherine Sophia said...

That is so cool! Congratulations!

Jessica said...

Yahooo! I am so excited for what God has planned for your life...Congratulations Nathan!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@DOL, I'm sure we can work something out. That'll be 10,000 dollars :) jk Yeah I'm pretty pysched :) Thanks!

@Jake, the scene you read will now take place probably in the middle of the novel :) Check the link again for the more edited version, not that many changes, plus an added scene at the end!
I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you Beorn and Katherine!

@Jessica, Me too :)

Gwendolyn said...

That's fantastic, Nathan! *laughs* I can totally see The Guardian's Tree as a series of novels. And a wonderful series, to boot. ^^ I second DoL's request. Autographed copies??

I'm working on your prologue, in between school. But...I'm guessing you probably already edited it. Do you still want my comments, or would they be a bit after the fact, given that what I'm editing off was the very first draft?

Aidan Romero said...

Congratulations. I wish you luck on your series.

Galadriel said...

Well, the computer I'm using won't let me investigate the link...stupid school blacklist...but that is very exciting. And being compared to Bryan Davis--I'd totally be excited to be tagged that way. Very cool, very exciting. Can't wait for more updates.

Daniel White said...

Congradulations man! I wish you well.

Hannah L. said...

Hey--I'm Hannah L. I've commented on Worthy Fantasy before. And I'm commenting here to say that if I had your experience with the fantasy novel I'm writing now...
Suffice it to say my fingers would be so wriggly that you wouldn't be able to understand a word of the announcement blog post. :-D So, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I totally understand how much that praise means to an aspiring writer. I look forward to seeing what comes of it all! God bless your work!

~Hannah L.

Scott Appleton said...

Excellent plan, Nathan! It's always best to explore all your options... and writers conferences are great for getting feedback, endorsments, etc (-: Who knows? Maybe you'll get an offer from another company!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Gwen, it'd probably be better if you just stopped haha Because yeah, that scene's been changed, and when that story plot-point comes up will be quite a bit into the story and will likely be told differently. Thanks though!

@Galadriel, yes I'm very excited about that :) I'll keep you all updated!

@Hannah L, Oh yes! My hands are less wriggly than my mind though. Unfortunately I sat down to write tonight and I couldn't. Problem is I'm too excited about the future. I need to just write ;) lol Thanks a lot!

@Scott, I am glad that you endorse this plan of action ;) LOL Exploring options and getting feedback is the whole goal ;) Thanks for all of your help! We'll see where this story goes :)

Madeline said...

*ahhh* *freaks out*

I would be so psyched if I were you, Nathan. Congrats!!

And I awarded you. See my blog:

Celebrilomiel said...

=D That's awesome, Nathan!!! I'm so excited for you! Congradulations!

Gwendolyn said...

@Nathan - I'm truly sorry I didn't get that done soon enough. Over-committing, I suppose. ^^ My apologies.

ElizabethMarieKauffman said...

That is SO cool!!!! :D I'm super excited for you!! I'll be praying that God gives you guidance as you write.

Assr vĂ­sa ykkarr or∂.


Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Madeline, thanks for the award! You all can expect my post tomorrow on them all haha And yes, I'm pysched :) Gonna get a big chunk of writing out tomorrow I hope!

@Celeb, thanks! :)

@Gwen, no worries! I know how that is haha I have one too many stories in my inbox....I may have to stop saying yes to everyone that asks me to read their writing :P I tend to forget about 'em.

@ElizabethMarieKauffman, Thank you! I could use a little God-support. Always comes out better that way ;)

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