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Monday, May 17, 2010

Kestrel's Midnight Song - Party/Trailer!

Check it out guys, teen author JR Parker is hosting a huge online party tomorrow night!

This thing is going to be insane!

Hundreds of free (yes...FREE) BRAND NEW FANTASY BOOKS!
Tons of other giveaways (gift-cards, etc)
Interaction with the author of Kestrel's Midnight Song (due out this fall!)
An awesome time!

If you go to his website and click over to the party page you can see a hilarious, and very cool, video that explains pretty much everything that is going on tomorrow night!

I hope you all are able to make it! It's going to be stinking awesome! I'm so excited! And it's all to promote JR Parker's upcoming release Kestrel's Midnight Song!

Check out the awesome book trailer Jacob and some friends made. Even the score was created by these four guys!

Hope to see you all at the party! It's gonna be awesome!

To the end,


Jake said...

I'll see ya there!!!

Hey, I think the link to Livestream on the websites goes to a different thing... Just so you know. I'm not sure if it's supposed to do that or not...

Anonymous said...

I will be there... *ninja poof*

Can't wait. It'll be epic. :)


Gwendolyn said...

I am longing to be there, but - no luck. =I Really a pity. I've been hoping that I could make it ever since he announced it.

Have fun, attendees!

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