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Monday, June 7, 2010

Fast is Over! - A Random Post

Well I've been back from my fast for a few days now and just realized that I had yet to update the blog letting you all know that I'm back! So uh, I'm back!

I'm finally starting to catch up on all that I missed for the 10+ days I was fasting, for some reason the blog ended up at the end of my to-do list. But here's my "catch up" for you.

Here's how the fast worked: No computer except school work. And no cell phone unless someone needed help (or I needed to call my mommy :) ).

The Bible mentions a law of "replacement" that basically explains that when you give something up, or resist a sin, you need to replace that with something else or else what you gave up, or the sin you were resisting, will return.

In place of the computer and cell phone I read the Bible and prayed (obviously). I started reading in three sections of the Bible: The Book of Mark, The Book of Isaiah, and The Book of Acts. All of these books God's been laying on my heart to read lately, so I dove right into them.

And I learned a lot.

I also put some really cool spiritual habits in place. In addition, I've been doing this thing that my old youth pastor did to help keep things in perspective. Every day after devotions, I've been writing a single word and reference on my left hand. For example, one of the days was "Hope" and beneath that on my hand I wrote "Rev. 21" which contains the detailing of the New Earth.

This habit is very cool because I ALWAYS see my hand. And whenever I look, BANG, the verse is in my mind. Plus it helps me live out my faith better. When I read "hope" and remembered that chapter, I reminded myself to live and view life through the eyes of eternity. To look forward and hope for a better life.

I also read both If God is Good by Randy Alcorn and The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel. Both books were excellent faith builders and intellectually exciting!

If God is Good is about the following statement: If God is all good He would want to end evil; If God is all knowing he would know that evil exists and how to stop it; If God is all powerful he would have the ability to stop evil; since evil exists, there cannot be a God.

The book searches the question of "If God is Good then Why do we suffer" from worldviews to determine which answers the question sufficiently. It's 500 pages of why we suffer, but it is an excellent read.

The Case for Faith is a sequel of sorts to The Case for Christ (which I only ever read a third of). In the first book, Strobel came at Christianity (as the atheist he was) skeptically and demanded answers out of scholars about the accuracy of the Gospels and the whole Bible, how that was passed down to us, historical and archeological evidence for the Resurrection, sources on Jesus outside of the Bible, and several other "head" questions about the faith. In the end he came to the conclusion that Jesus must be the unique Son of God and that Christianity must be true.

In TCFF, Strobel examines the heart issues to faith: Why suffering? Miracles contradict science! A loving God wouldn't kill innocent children! Evolution explains life, so we don't need God. It's offensive to claim Jesus as the only way. A loving God wouldn't torture people in Hell. Christian history is littered with oppression and violence. I still have doubts so I can't be a Christian. And several others woven into those themes. Some of his arguments were strong, others were weak, others I completely disagreed with. But overall, it was a good read.

My previous post was about the fast and I updated over my cell phone so I wasn't able to properly let you all know of this but....


This is exciting, even if I for some reason though I was well over 50. lol I wanted to do something special but I can't really think of anything at the moment.

In other news, I now have a title for The Guardian's Tree Trilogy Book One. This is the book I am working on for JuNoWriMo as well as prepping for the ACFW conference and FPP. Are you ready?

The Chains of Hethra

What do you think of the title? Does it sound cool? Memorable? Any other thoughts? Let me know in the comments section!

And, because this is a random post, I thought I would let you all know that Flaming Pen Press, the publisher I often talk about, is officially open to query letter submissions! Check out their website for details!

More news coming soon! There's a bunch of contests and such going on now. But....I've got to get to writing on that novel ;)

To the end,


Storyteller said...

So great to hear what you did during your fast! I'm sure God loved the time you devoted to Him. Way to go!

As for the title of your book... I love it. The "chains" part is great; original and intriguing. Bravo!

Daughter of the King said...

Thanks for sharing with us fellow bloggers what you did and sought after during your media fast, Nathan. It's really cool to hear how God works when we ask HIM to come in and let HIM.
The book title sounds REALLY cool...very catchy and unique.

Daughter of the King said...


Jake said...

I think the Chains of Hethra sounds cool AND memorable. I can't wait to hear more. :D

On a completely different note, Lee Strobel is a pretty good author.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Storyteller, I know he loved it. 'cause I loved it too! lol I'm glad you like the title! I wasn't completely sure about it.

@DOK, "You will seek me and you will find me when you search for me with all your heart." That was the guiding verse ;) Again, very thankful you like the title!
And yeah! PARTY TIME (in our imaginations lol)

@Jake, I should be updating on the story pretty regularly this summer :) And yeah, I like Strobel. :)

Ryan said...

Isn't JuNoWriMo in July?

Galadriel said...

Cool. I tried a media fast once...unfortunitely, it occured at the same time as a tough week a school, and I broke down and went on Facebook to connect with a friend. It's great to see what God has taught you.
The title sounds great

Celebrilomiel said...

That's great, Nathan!

Chains of Hethra sounds epic. ^.^

Anonymous said...

"Chains of Hethra" rocks. As ST said, chains are original. And as far as I know, readers are drawn to novels involving captures and torture and pain\. :)

I think I'm going to have to try the "writing on hand" method. Something to, throughout the day, keep my mind on the things that matter.


Evergreena said...

Welcome back! I'm glad it was a beneficial time for you. And congrats on 50 posts! *cheers*

The Chains of Hethra. OOoooo. Intriguing. Sounds very cool. Now get back to writing that novel! Lol (I'm doing NaNoWriSum, so I know how tempting it is to get distracted)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Nathan! It's great that you stuck to your fast!

The Chains of Hethra... ooh, that sounds COOL!!! Is Hethra a girl's name? That would intice me to read it... lol Can't wait to read it!! Loving it already!!


Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Ryan, JulNoWriMo is in July. But JuNo is June Novel Writing Month. I can't find a website for it. But I'm still doing it :P

@Whisper, would seem that readers are "drawn to novels involving captures and torture and pain" :-)
Yup! It works wonderfully :)

@Evergreena, distractions. Gee. tell me about it. I'm far behind lol. Just hit me with a stick if I seem distracted ;) No really. Do it.

@DOL, Hethra as a girl's name sounds really cool! Probably cooler than what it really is.
Hethra is a place :P lol

Thank you all for your compliments on the title!

Anonymous said...

:P It would have been cool if it were a girl's name, but a place will sufice. (What IS your heroine's name, if I may be so bold?)


Nathan R. Petrie said...

@DOL, Actually, in TCOH there isn't a heroine. Sorry :P. However, in Redemption's Journey there are some. My favorite's name is Mollidia.

Anonymous said...

WHAT?!!! How can you NOT have a heroine?! :P Okay, fine... you're a guy. I understand.


Nathan R. Petrie said...

@DOL, I love heroines! But trust me, it wouldn't work for this story. There's really only one hero. And he's the Jesus figure so.... ::whisltes::

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess that wouldn't really work... that'd be getting into the Jesus Christ, Superstar mindset. (You know, "I don't know how to love him!" *gag*)

I'll forgive you this once. Book Two needs to have one, though. At least a sister or something... lol


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