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Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm at the Beach! - The Drive

Well....I'm at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina this week! Here is a video recapping the first day of the drive down.

The drive is about 10-12 hours from where we live so we split it up into two nights. The kiddos couldn't last the whole drive in one night. And neither could our old van :P.

We don't have air this was rather exciting :)

Brownie points to who can guess the word written on my hand!

Without further ado, day one:


Daughter of the King said...

HUMBLED? I hope you and your family have a fun filled and blessed trip, Nathan! Wow...that is a looong drive to go to the beach!

Anonymous said...

Is the word "Humbler?"

Very cool video, Nathan. :) I didn't get the audio due to computer complications, but it was great watching you examine notes and novels and eating wholesome McDonalds. :D


Jake said...

By Darkness Hid! :)

I'm writing interesting things down as I see 'em. :D

COTSK! You've got good books all over!

I love car trips.

Ah, a DVD player... Unfortunately, our portable DVD player broke down from overuse. :P

LOL the little people are funny. :) (The little people=kids)

Wow, thats a lot of candy machines.

Heat up all the way? Ouch. The heat all the way down is bad enough. :)

All in all, awesome movie. Nice, Keeneye. 'Cept I couldn't find a word written on your hand. :P

Sveta said...

Humbled??? Is that the word? I hope you have a good trip...and a good time at the beach. :)


Galadriel said...

I spy DioM posters! Sweet.
"The magical bag of candy..."
My family went to North Myrtle Beach once instead of of Myrtle Beach...that ws bad...
You remind me of one of my cousins, who's about your age...even the way you look.
"Mawaige"--I love the Princess Bride
"Door in Darkness..." what font is that?
I have to get that "Curse of the Spider King!"
Is that LotR music at 7:20?

Celebrilomiel said...

Little siblings are so funny... xD

Have a good trip! =)

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@DOK, Thanks! So far it's going very well! And yes, that is a long drive :|

@whisper, you watched without audio? :o. Thanks! lol. Glad you still enjoyed it! And yes, I'm a major supporter of the healthiness of Mcy-Ds. :-)

@Jake, haven't gotten started on BDH. But I'm dying to! And yeah, COTSK rocks too. Yours broke? hmmm.....can't wait to show you the day two video LOL
My little sibs rock!
Yeah, someone thought that would be funny haha
You couldn't find the word? :o Watch the beginning again. My left hand ;)

Thanks Sveta!

@Galad, oh yeah. I have book cover posters on the wall like a good little fantasy-geek! :-)
The magical bag of candy performed a magic trick. It...melted :|
We're in North Myrtle Beach right now! lol
Do you like this cousin? 'cause if not...I'm insulted :| lol jk
Princess Bride=Greatest movie ever. (almost)
Do you like the title?
The font is, I believe, Aniron or something. LOTR font. You can get 'em for free online.
COTSK is pretty good :)
No it's not LOTR. But I've seen it placed in several LOTR videos. I stole it from a video I found. It's from some sort of game.

@Celeb, amen!

And the word was.......


Barie said...

Yay! I got the word too! I promise I didn't peek at anyone else's answer first!! lol.

Next time you should bring Magic Rainbow Cookies- they don't melt :P Known for making even calm people instantly hyper too . . .

I really enjoyed the vid! Thanx for posting it!

Jake said...

Aha! I looked over it again and spied it. HUMBLED. :D

Brownie points for me!

Jake said...

Sorry ta bother you again, but was 'Door into Darkness' part of The Chains of Hethra?

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Barie, I'm still gonna eat the candy though :P Glad you liked the video!

@Jake, okay....but you get half the points for having to rewatch! LOL jk
And hey, comments are never a bother :P
Door into Darkness is a part of The Chains of Hethra, yup.

Jake said...

Ooooh... Can't wait to read 'em. Sounds intriuging, even if it's a chapter title. :D

Eldarwen said...
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Eldarwen said...

Ooh, let me guess: Humbled?
"Eldarwen! How did you guess that?!"
I don't know. *fluffs hair* I'm just so smart. :)

Your brother's hand stands were epic. :P

Oh, and your littlest brother is so cute! "Ya! Ya! Ya! Ya!" I laughed and laughed. :D

I LOVE the beach!!

btw, I have the exact same cell phone that you do. :D I hate it. >=/ I'm getting a new one in Nov. Sweetness!!

Totally random. I know. o.O

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Eldarwen, They were twice as epic because of the music ;)

I watched that video with him the other day and he just grinned. "I do that 'cause it's on camera. And it's funny." ::headdesk:: lol

Sure rub it in :P I'm stuck with it for YEARS :P lol

"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."