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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Long Overdue Post on Tags and Awards

Well they've been piling up. So, here are all the tags I've received so far! This is my first post on tags EVER!

Hands Stained with Ink Award
Awarded by Chris

Thanks dude!

If you could write one word, what would it be?

Keeneye (because I CAN)

Use one word to describe yourself.

Keeneye, wait that's cheating. Instead: Weird.

What is something random about you/your writing that you'd like to say right now?

I feel really accomplished and professional when my desk is covered in outlines, maps, character dissections, rough drafts, and the like. Why? I have no clue. :|

Think up an absurd title for a book:

The Not So Adventurous Adventures of a Boy (Teenager) Who Thought He Was a Girl and His Undersized Dragon Without Wings That Looked Like a Dog and Barked Like a Tree

or perhaps

One Morning at Night when the Blind Man Didn't See

What is the strangest sentence you can think of?

"As you know, Christopher, you are an orphan," he frowned and, because he was angry, shot his eyes into Christopher's. [Brownie points to label all the errors!]

What do you write?

Weird fantasy. Usually with an allegorical theme. I take metaphors and make them literal. So "Christian Fantasy". But in a lot of my newer ideas that I've got rolling, you might never know it was Christian.

If you had a weird disease and could only make one sound over and over, what would it be?

"I have a disease". Might help keep some stares away LOL

And now I tag...




You guys get the cool award up there, too. :)

Here's the rules:

1) Post about the award.

2) Award 3 other people

3) Answer the tag

Live in a Book Tag
I was tagged by Celebrilomiel, Squeaks, Pais Charos, Silver Angel, Madeline, and BleahBriann

I guess this was a popular one! lol

Rules: Name eight books you'd like to live in for a week, and then tag eight people.

In no specific order:

1. By Darkness Hid by Jill Williamson - It's a pretty cool world! Normal-ish. I'd cheat and be like....a noble bloodvoicer or something :) How cool would it be to be able to communicate with my mind?

2. Rise of the Dibor by Christopher Hopper - This world is beautiful I think. I'd either want to live before this huge war breaks out or be Luik. CH, can I be Luik? lol

3. The Bible by God - This isn't cheating is it? :) Through me back with Jesus. I wanna talk to him :-)

4. The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien - I'll hide in the shire thank you. Except I'd be a cool hobbit. Half Took half Baggins just to stir things up. Oh wait <_<

Jake awarded me:
Not sure what you were thinking there Jake :-) But I'll accept it nonetheless lol.

I get to list five random things:

This blog is not stylish :)
I woke up early today and am currently eating breakfast
In a few weeks, I will have 3 copies of the same book (Venom and Song)
America runs on Dunkin'
Most people would do anything for a Klondike Bar; I've never had one.

And now to award some peeps.

Daughter of the King
Brenna (two awards in one post? Niiiiice)

Jessica awarded/tagged me FIVE TIMES. So here we go:

Also awarded to me by Katherine Sophia
Thank you so much you two! This means a lot!

Thank you, Jessica! I'm hoping to take the "Aspiring" off there in a bit :)

I love this award. It's so different from the others I've seen. Thanks for giving it to me!

I have too many faithful commenters. If you comment on this post. Take the award :)

This one actually means the most to me. I'm glad that you find this blog inspiring. There's really not much more than I can ask for. Thank you so much!

Friendship Tag
Choose any amount of friends real or blog and say at least two things or more that you admire or like about them. Tag and make sure you link to them.

This, again, really meant a lot to me. Jessica said, "[Nathan Petrie] Is a teen author who's blog I always find fascinating. His posts are filled with passion for writing and God. He always has interesting and helpful insight into writing and characters. I found Nathan's blog late one night though Yodeling Dwarf's and was attracted by the name Whispered Roars."

Thank you so much Jessica!

I tag:

Jacob Parker at Yodeling Dwarf: If you guys didn't know already, Jacob is the published author of what I'm expecting to be an amazing book Kestrel's Midnight Song. Jacob lives online almost as much as I do so when I need help with my writing BANG he's there. I think he worked just as much on TGT as I did :) Plus, he's just stinking hilarious.

Chris at My Ink Spot: WARNING: CHRISTIAN MILES IS THE CRAZIEST WRITER ALIVE. Seriously. Chris has got an awesome sense of humor. And at 16 (16 right? lol) he knows more about the craft of writing then most people will EVER know.

Brenna Dixon at The Road Less Traveled: Wow, I've awarded you a lot today haha. Brenna was one of my first readers. Met her on the DIOM forum but really didn't hit it off until after I left the forum. She bought my short stories book and mailed it to me to sign. That was pretty exciting :) And now she's just always filling me with encouragement. Thanks Brenna!

Creative Writing Tag
I was tagged by Kat Heckenbach

Here are the rules of the blog award:

1) Thank the person who tagged me. THANK YOU KAT!!!!! lol √

2) Copy and Paste the award on my blog. √

3) Link to the person who nominated me. √

4) Tell up to 6 lies and 1 truth about myself. √

Here are the lies (and one truth):

My name is Inga Montoya
You killed my father
I was born in Pittsburgh
I've published two books
I live in Cincinnati (trick questions haha)
I love the Bengals
I named a character after my initials
I named a character after me

Can you guess which is the truth?

Daughter of the King awarded me:

As we arise from out of the shade, into delight of growing into our faith...and striving to serve our King daily we will become Christians who have a strong meaningful TRUE FAITH.

Thanks a ton DOK! Let's go to battle together!

I award:

Daughter of the King right back ;)

Gwendolyn (Who also doesn't have a blog :( You should get one! lol)
Squeaks from Hidden Doorways

Thank you all for awarding me! Means a lot!

To the end,


Chris said...

Awesome... But where are you getting three copies of VaS?!

Jessica said...

Such a fun post Nathan! Thank you for doing these tags, I am honored and delighted to call you one of my friends.

As to the aspiring author award. I almost didn't tag you on that one, becuase you are already published. But as I thought of it I realized you deserved it becuase no matter what you do and where you go Nathan, you will always be aspiring to greater and greater heights in your writing. Keep up the good work Nathan Keeneye. :D

Seth said...

@Jessica, very true... When put that way every writer should be an 'aspiring writer'.

Heh, my tags have been piling up lately, I need to get to them.

Daughter of the King said...

Thanks for the tag! 'Stylish blogger' huh? I guess this means I get the commenter award too! lolz :)

Noah said...

Nice awards and tags!

Jacob R Parker said...

Haha! I love this post. Except it reminds me that I have tons of tags to catch up on.

Everyone: The answer is DEFINITELY "I love the Bengals." He may pretend to root for Pittsburgh, but he secretly bleeds black and orange. You should hear him go on and on about how the Bengals rock, and how it wasn't fair that they lost to the Jets. Don't let him tell you otherwise.

Thanks for the kind words, Nathan. But you are too kind. Chains of Hethra is all yours. If I had as much a hand in it as you... the main character would be Jerp. ;)

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Chris, keeping one, giving away the other two.

@Jessica, right back at you ;) Thanks for giving me all those awards! lol

Neato insight! Guess I"ll have to leave the aspiring on then <_< LOL

@DOK, no problem! And take it, it's yours! lol

@Jacob, yeah....I had to go back several months on some people's blogs to find these LOL

Wait let me get this think I'm too modest? hmmmmm "Mom! Jacob thinks I"m humble!" LOL

And I love how you totally guessed the truth thing. Let's see if anyone else gets it.

And no, IT IS NOT THE BENGALS. Such blasphemy will get you blocked Jacob :) lol jk

Galadriel said...

I agree, Gwendolyn should have a blog!

Jessica said...

Jacob thank you for eliminating one answer.
Your name isn't Inga Montoya (at least not yet).
I didn't kill your father. (Just another clever line from The Princess Bride).
How am I supposed to know where you are born?
Published 2 books...Hm this is hard, I know you have been published at least one book do you count TCOH as already published? Or is this in reference to all of the other things you have written and been published in?
Jacob nearly got banned so I am not saying that word.
I think you have given a character the same initials as you...I think there is a post somewhere on this one but I can't be sure...
Or did you named a character after you?

Well considering ALL my options I think I will say...a character has the same initials as you becuase even if you named him after yourself you would still have the same initials.

Chris said...

I'll accept being called crazy as a complement, thanks! :D

Jacob's right, you DO love those Bengals. You even wore bangles the last time they played. hahaha

Okay, I'm kidding. But I suddenly have the urge to call my dad and, uh, make sure he's okay...

::dashes away::

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Galadriel, we should....attack her or something. Gwen, GET A BLOG lol

@Jessica, How should you know where I was born? hmmmm Good question.

TCOH doesn't count as being published. :P lol


@Chris, Coming from me. It's a compliment ;) lol
Don't bother calling. I have him right here.

Eldarwen said...

Hola Nathan. I found your blog through my friend Bleah. Also, I've seen you comment a lot on Chris' blog (My Ink Spot) and I decided to come check out your blog.

Wow. That's a lot of awards! You must be feeling the love right now. lol

Btw, the conversation you and Chris had on his post titled Query Madness made me laugh so hard. :D

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Eldarwen, Sweetness! Thanks for stopping by!

And yeah...I'm feeling it ;)

LOL I just went back and read that conversation :) The creepy thing about that the commenter named Matilde....was Jacob Parker :|

Hope you stick around! Thanks again for stopping by!

Eldarwen said...

Nathan, Uh... yes. That is creepy. :/ Why would he comment under the name Metilde? Awkward....

Anyways, I'm following now. :)

Jessica said...

Nathan are you intending on killing us with curiosity? I mean it killed a cat so why not us...okay bad logic but what is the real answer to your lies and truth? Or are you just planning on remaining mysterious?

Dying of Curiosity....really, really soon.

:) lol!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Jessica, yes...I was hoping you'd have died off already :| jk

Here it is:

My name is Inga Montoya - I wish.

You killed my father - If you did...I'm calling the police

I was born in Pittsburgh - sadly no :(

I've published two books - Just one. And I wish I hadn't. haha

I live in Cincinnati (trick questions haha)- NORTHERN KENTUCKY, big difference where I"m from ;) lol

I love the Bengals - I can't believe I even wrote that...

I named a character after me - Not yet :)

I named a character after my initials - BINGO! That's the truth. There is a character in my Redemption's Journey series named "Nerp". Of course...the name stinks so I'll be changing it :)

Jessica said...

Nathan, thank you for the answers. (hehehe I got it right!)If you had killed me with curiosity I would no longer be able to post on your comments because there is no internet access in Heaven.

Gwendolyn said...

Says who, Jessica? Did you ever read the book about a kid from earth and an angel from heaven who started emailing through a series of strange and unappreciated events? :P

Heh. I got the initials thing right. ^)^ The rest of it simply seemed too far-fetched. But why do you hate Whispers out of the Darkness?

Thank-you for the award tag; I appreciate it muchly and feel as if I have been unduly honored. =) But... why is it so important to so many people that I get a blog? I wonder.... *whistles*

Jessica said...

@ Gwendolyn, I have never heard of that book. Emailing from heaven that sounds interesting though. With an eternity on my side I just might have a chance to catch up with everyone I ever meant to.
I have heard the sentiment expressed more than one time that you need a blog...perhaps we should sign a petition? :D

Anonymous said...


Brenna Dixon said...

Nathan! You made my day =]

Sarah said...

I had to go down so far in order to comment on something at the beginning.
On the strangest sentence: There should be a period after orphan, capital the he, and because there is a tramatically hilarious case of loose body parts, I don't know what to do with the "because he was angry, /he/ shot his eyes into Christopher's." That part is so wacked I have no idea what to do with it.

"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."