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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And So it Begins...

Summer, I regret to inform you all, is officially over.

Cue wailing.

Sadly, it's true. Today was my first day of my sophomore year. Pretty crazy. Summer has ended and another year has begun. Where did the time go? ::dramatic sigh::

But! Don't let the summer party end! Let's celebrate our summers!

My summer was pretty jammed packed. My highlight was the camp I went to with my church called Crossings at Johnathan's Creek. If you've ever been to a Crossings camp, or any Church camp for that matter, you know how crazy and awesome it is.

This year, was pretty special.

My parents, as some of you know, are in the ministry (and by extension so am I). We've been at this church for several months and this was the first major event. We hopped into our sweet newly air-conditioned van and drove down to south western Kentucky.

The ride was pretty fun. Lots of music, chatting, interesting stops at restaurants. Took several hours but it was so worth it. Eventually we reached the camp.

We were met by a crazy staff waving around swimming noodles. They motioned us to halt and ripped our doors open. After some more craziness, they bowed their heads to pray with and for us. It was then I knew: it'd be a great week.

They staffers shot some hilarious video of us then shot us off to our cabins. All in all, I couldn't have thought of a better way to start the week.

The rest of the week consisted of awesome worship experiences led by a great up-and-coming artist named Bo Harris (aka Smooth Java). Seriously, check this guy out. He's going places.

The preaching was fiery and filled with God's power and passion. Rob Turner is quite possibly the best preacher I have ever heard. He doesn't hold back any punches and stands firmly on the truth of God's Word, and all of its grit. We had some extremely hilarious and silly mornings followed by intense and enjoyable POIs (Points of interest, basically....the fun activities). They ranged from ziplining to rock climbing, to biking to tubing.

The theme of the week was Adopted. Four days: We are Orphans, A Father adopts us, He takes us into a family, We become heirs, and we have a future (if filled with suffering). The central foundations of the Gospel presented in heart stopping and sword-raising ways.

At the end of every worship time our church got together into a time of close revelation and reflection. We talked about the sermon and how God was working in our lives. Tears, laughter, and Holy Spirit beyond comprehension. These were the highlights of the week.

Several in our group met Christ for the first time and we all felt a sense of refreshment and revival. The camp "high" is still running with most of us weeks after the event and just in time.

Bring on school.

Today was my first day. Time to change the world.

"Faith without works is dead."

"How can they hear without a preacher?"
Who's with me?

Oh right....and how was your summer?

And a random pic. Who can guess what it is?

To the end,


Galadriel said...

I thought you were going into your senior year?

Storyteller said...

Ooo! It's you being shot in the neck by orks! Cool!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Galad, Nope! I'm just a lowly sophmore :D

@Storyteller, close! It's a game that we played every meal. I was defending myself from being shot by orcs :D

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