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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Fountain's Song - Poem

Well I still haven't gotten around to fiction writing lately. Homecoming on Friday (awesome!), homecoming games on Saturday (awesome lol), and apple-picking on Sunday (uh...still awesome) kinda took my time. However after homecoming, Saturday morning, I wrote the following poem.

Pretty cryptic I suppose and the last two lines allude to three other poems I've written. So while it may not make complete sense and there's a line or two that's contrived I still think it's pretty good.


The Fountain's Song
Nathan R. Petrie

There’s something rising in his heart
There’s something running to its start
It’s waited silent for so long
And as it’s come it won’t depart

The fountain waits behind his eye
The water yearns to fall and rise
The stationed guards hold fast the flow
The ocean’s wishes they deny

Yet fountain ancient, fountain new
Awaits a time that it once knew
Its water tastes of joy and peace
Of all the things that it’s flown through

Against the will of watchful guards
The water moves that once was barred
It rises, falls, within the bowl
But does not touch the vast courtyard

The music plays above the noise
A song, unbroken, by decoys
Though measures rest and tempos slow
The song plays on and he enjoys

The water rises, music soars
A cosmic battle man adores
A smile takes the face of him
For this is what he’s waited for

Now at long last the beings meet
Fountain and music, now complete
They surge as one and burn his heart
And cause his pain utter defeat

Behold the battered man today
Met by the music and by waves
Both he loves and would not trade
Because they came from what they say:

That good-byes never last for long
They’re just quick breaks within the song


Andrew K. York said...

Nice poem! Very interesting and well-written!

Squeaks said...

Great poem, I like your choice of rhyme, it flows just like a fountain :P


Jake said...


Wow. Twas amazing, Keeneye! :D :D Fantastic. I enjoy a good poem--I like writing them too, but they won't compare to yours. :D

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Andrew, Thanks man!

@Squeaks, I stole the ryhme scheme from Robert Frost :-) I had to for a project a while back and eventually just decided to keep it haha. But hey, the original poem I stole is likely getting published soon!!

@Jake, thanks dude! And hey, poetry doesn't really have rules so I'd guaruntee you're as good if not better :-)

ElizabethMarieKauffman said...

I'm a big fan of poetry, and this is an amazing piece!!! :) Good job!

Assr vĂ­sa ykkarr or∂.


Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Elizabeth, thank you so much! It means a lot when people who know their stuff enjoy my work :D

Jessica said...

The imagery is so beautiful. I love your poems there is always such a depth and thought poured into them. They are beautiful, this one especially.

Thank you for sharing Nathan!


Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Jessica, YOu're such an encouragement :D Thank you so much!

"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."