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Monday, September 27, 2010

Let the Writing Begin! - The Outside

So I finally starting writing this short story for school.

Tentatively titled The Outside, the story is about a character named Adam who lives in a metallic prison of darkness. Literally, as light. However, triangular shaped holes have begun to appear in the ceiling, allowing light to punch through into the tunnels. Adam is tasked by his captors with the job of patching the holes and preventing the light from returning. The light stabs at their eyes and becomes a growing problem. Eventually, Adam discovers that their might be more to their existence than the constant darkness of the tunnels. Their just might be an Outside world--filled with light, filled with pain, and filled with glory.

Today I got a measly 500 words but it's a start. And that's all I really needed.....a start.

So this is my new project. Thoughts?

The allegory is, obviously, very easy to figure out. But I think it's gonna be an awesome story!

I could use titles too if anyone's got any ideas.

And, if you're wondering why I've been updating so frequently lately, check out the earlier posts of this project!


Seth said...

Sounds awesome so far. I got to get on my short story/novella/novel myself lol. I think I may have a short story assignment coming up for school.

When are we going to get that post about sacrificial love? ;) haha

Galadriel said...

Exciting. I love hearing about other people's ideas.

Ryan said...

I can't wait for something of yours to be published. You're amazing!!!

Jake said...

Coolness. :D Good luck! I once wrote a story for school....titled 'the Dark King'. XD Recognize it? :)

BTW, have you gotten my package yet? I sent it ages ago, but I never got a reply to my email. :)

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Seth, I'll put it up soon. It didn't really fit with this school project so it may be a week or so. Or I may just tack it onto the end of some random post LOL

@Galadriel, Thanks! I Love it too :D

@Ryan, not sure which ryan you are :D Thanks! I can't wait either :D

@Jake, Why yes...yes I do :D Oh and yes! I did get that package! Sorry about the email, meant to reply. Thanks so much dude!

Andrew K. York said...

That sounds like an incredible idea. I like the name Adam... it seems to fit in with the story!

Mrs. Ring said...

Do us (meaning me and your loyal schools followers) a small favor and outline for us the 15 days of your Happiness Quest, please.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Andrew, I like the name too ;) Thank you so much!

@Mrs. Ring, Well you see....I never had a 15 day plan o.O Is that a problem? LOL

Jessica said...

This new story sounds absolutely awesome. The words you have described it make it very intriguing. I am looking forward to hearing more about it as you mind pulls out ideas.


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