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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Brain Storm + Sugary Tea Storm + Cold Storm = Writing Storm

Ladies and Gentlemen I have a semi-important announcement that belongs on your Not-Important-At-All-To-My-Life List. Are you ready?

After three and a half months, I finally wrote on The Chains of Hethra.

Can I get a round of applause?

I'd put the novel off for so long because I was frustrated with trying to turn The Guardian's Tree novella into The Chains of Hethra novel. I had 16,000 words for an introduction/inciting incident and I had about the same amount of words to wrap the story up. But I was having extreme difficulty connecting the two segments of the story, especially with the huge 70K word count goal looming above my head.

So yesterday on my bus ride from the Grant County band competition to the Loveland competition (most tiring day of my life by the way lol) I chatted with a friend of mine about the story.

So, it'd be cool if I could say that I got an idea for the middle portion of the story and now everything's happy and I'm excited to write and that the book will be released in two weeks.

But I can't. :-)

In fact, I didn't get an idea for the middle portion at all. LOL

But I did get a drive to finish the story back. FINALLY.

I had an outline for one more chapter sitting in my notebook so I broke it out. Turned out I'd already written half that chapter and just needed to finish it. So I did, and I feel really good about myself.

So today before church starts again I'm going to plow through this story if it's the last thing I've got. I've got some peppermint tea, a notebook, and a pen sitting beside me. And awesome cold air outside to wake me up. I'd love to get 2,000 words today but with the plot issues I could settle for 1,000-1,500. Already knocked out 600 though!

So this is my writing formula for life: Friends + tea + winter = Bestselling novel.


To the end,


Kaleb said...


Eagles Wings said...

Do you outline before you write?

Galadriel said...

Go for it!

Mrs. Ring said...

A worthy accomplishment indeed.

A question of sorts for your self-reflection moment of your blogs:
If you were the hero of your own quest and the best selling novel were the goal for you to reach, how would the story unfold.

Take the next 12 blogs to write out that quest and I will be the one who will be happy. :)

Jake said...


...anyway, great job.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Eagles, I do...sorta. Typically what happens is I mull on the idea for quite a while and then jot down some ideas. A beginning, an end, some characters. And then I plan out the first few scenes. At this point, i'm dying to write so I just dive right into the story. From there, I edit on the fly LOL

But yes, I prefer to outline.

@Jake, Thanks for the enthusiasm dude :-)

@Mrs. Ring, hmmmmmm good questions :D

Jessica said...

Awesome Nathan! WAY TO GO!!! POUND IN THOSE KEYS!!!!

So glad your mind is moving again storms stir up good things.


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