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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reflections for Mrs. Ring: Part 2

As with my previous post this Q and A is between my language arts teacher and myself. See the previous 6 posts for more information on this project. Hopefully you can get something out of this.

If you were the hero of your own quest and the best selling novel were the goal for you to reach, how would the story unfold?

Well that's an interesting question. And my answer goes something like this. Ask Frodo how he thought his life would unfold and I"m sure you'd get a very different answer than how it actually happened. Ask just about any hero from any story and see how much that differs from the result.

So my "quest"?

Well first off we'd need to establish my goal. And I wouldn't say that it's to sell a trillion copies of my books. Writing is a tool, selling books is a tool. I just want to reach into the hearts of this generation and watch God move.

However, doing that requires sales. Selling ten books or a trillion. (Be nice to sell a bunch though lol. Plus....I'd need to to make a living). And the goal for selling is uh......

I honestly have no idea how it'll unfold. But my plan follows something along the lines of....
  1. Finish writing my novella/novel
  2. Submit to FPP novella/novel
  3. Read FPP's glowing response (I'm not biased :D LOL)
  4. Sign novella/novel
  5. Sell billions of copies (er...make that thousands)
  6. Sign with large company
  7. Sell millions
Impractical. Radical. Crazy. But stranger things have happened right?

Currently I'm floating between the first three. I know the publisher likes the story idea. I know he likes the original characters. I know he likes the last half of the plot. Now I've just gotta write the beginning and sell it to him.

Big time.

Easy enough right? (I wish haha).

So let's dream a minute. If your vision for your stories came would that unfold? Dare to be crazy. It's pretty nuts for me to say I intend to sell thousands just out of (or during) my senior year of high school. But you know what, I'm going for it anyway.

In fact, it's nuts to think I could be published.

But I know I'm not the only dreamer out there. So let's hear those radical thoughts.

To the end,


Jake said...

Radical? I'm going to try to finish my novel today. :P 15,000 words to write, tops, most likely. But let's try it! :D :D WOO!

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Godspeed to you Jake! If you do that...spam my email or something. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I'd like to finish my book and get it published so that it will touch people and win more souls for God's Kingdom! (Then comes the sequel and the 3rd one...) After that, who knows? I'd like to do something with movies, at least visit a few sets to see if that's something I'd like to do for the rest of my life. We'll see if any of that actually happens.


Mrs. Ring said...

I like how positive you are. If only it was as easy as you're planning for it.

Writing takes an attack strategy - you already know this - so give us a glance at your battle plan.

When will the novels be finished?

And don't downplay the age thing - plenty of writers began way younger than you. There was that kid who wrote that dragon book that they turned into some silly movie. Remember him?

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@DOL, I think it'd be fun to work in movies. My only issue is that I have a seriously hard time writing straight dialogue. I tried writing a play once......let's just say it was so awful I can't speak of it :D

@Mrs Ring, here's another psot for you:

Things will be difficult I know. But what good would life be if it was always easy? :-) Challenges make life fun, painful, and exciting. Plus, they make great fireside stories. How awkward would it be to have no story worth telling? And that’s a good point. My life struggles give me a story. And I can retell that story a hundred times through fiction. And all because of the challenge.

Besides, the challenge makes me stronger. Hopefully my positivity stays with me; I’m sure it will be very helpful as the going gets rough. I need to plan anywho just so I know what I can do to help speed the project along.

Well I'm not sure what you're asking because I gave my battle plan in this post. That was the intention of the step-by-step list up there lol. I intend to write this novel and then submit it to Flaming Pen Press for consideration. I’m almost certain it will be accepted on the basis that the novella for the same story was received with much excitement. Upon completing the edits which Scott is sure to ask for I hope to publish it and then begin marketing and selling the book. Hopefully I can sell enough to catch the attention of, and right to speak to, a larger publishing company. If and when I catch said attention I plan to submit to the larger company and move on from there. The big goal would be making the New York Times bestseller list. I’m not mainstream enough to get Pulitzer so I’m not going to shoot for it. But making a mainstream bestsellers list would be pretty exciting.

As for when my next project should be done….the first novel, The Chains of Hethra, should have a completed first draft come summer. Then over break I can edit. However this is a pretty liberal guess. This would mean that I write a good…forty thousand words between now and then. And I tend to burn out after 20. I’d also need to come up with something to write for 40K. I'm still struggling with working out the plot extension which, naturally, hurts me writing speed.

And hey, like I said, stranger things have happened. Just because it’s happened doesn’t mean it’s any less radical. It IS pretty crazy for me to say my goal is to sell thousands before I graduate. Paoloni did it, which is good consolation, but in the long run really doesn't mean a thing to my situation. If anything, it might actually hurt it. Deep in the back of many readers’ minds will be Eragon. How do I stack up to that?

I've been writing for a third of my life now. And I've been getting better. This is the only reason why I think I can do it--I've got the skill, potential, and drive to learn how.

And that drive is really the only thing that counts isn't it?

Anonymous said...


I've had those days, too.... Recalling some of my former 'works,' I shudder. Ick!! It's just that the whole movie-making process and result(s) facinates me! If, say, Courageous had been filmed closer- up to three hours away- I would have TOTALLY emailed the Kendricks and begged to visit the set! (It's just that nothing seems to be filming near me... nuts!)


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