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Friday, October 8, 2010

Reflections for Mrs. Ring

Well you've all seen a dramatic rise in the number of posts per week lately I'm sure. It's all for this school project that I mentioned in a previous post. So bear with me as I answer some questions my teacher wants me to answer. And hey, you aspiring writers like me out there (and the awesome people waiting for The Chains of Hethra), you might actually enjoy some of this :-)

Mrs. Ring is my Language Arts teacher for this assignment, if you hadn't guessed that already. Feel free to stop by her blog for an example of what my project is supposed to look like LOL

Anywho, here are her questions for my original post:

What are the challenges for you specifically in taking on this particular "quest"?

The biggest challenge for me here is time management. I've never been particularly good at it and this was something I was hoping to gain from this assignment. To be able to do all my activities to the best of my ability and then make sure my writing is top notch, plus tossing up a blog every night, is pretty challenging. And so My biggest problem with this project has been time management.

What makes this any different from any other story you've worked on before?

The Outside, and I suppose we could include TCOH in this as well, is a fairly unique story in the fact that it is allegory. The vast majority of my stories haven't been straight allegory until lately. Once I got the The Chains of Hethra idea allegories have been flooding my mind. It's pretty awesome. TO isn't all that different from my other stories to be quite honest. It maintains the strong light and darkness contrast, follows a lost character as he seeks redemption and meaning, and eventually pours out the magnitude of the power of Christ. Same goes for The Chains of Hethra. The only difference here is the Christ-figure. In TO, the Christ-figure is simply a light and portrays the freedom and purpose of a Christian life. In TCOH, I focus on the salvation aspects of God.

What do you expect to gain from this journey?

I expect to gain a few things: a drive to finish these projects, the ability to manage my time, and I expect my people-skills to stretch ( ;) lol).

That's all for now! Be back later tonight!

To the end,


Jessica said...

Hey Nathan, this is great. Sorry I haven't commented lately I have been reading but not commenting must say it is awesome to see you back blogging again! Yay!

Time management is so important one thing I am learning myself, having to make the choice between what you enjoy doing and what you loved to do, I enjoy TV but is it really more important than my writing?

I love it when you share your stories with us and I must say they both sound I am off to comment on the things that I missed.

Have a great day Nathan!

Mrs. Ring said...

Keeping an open mind in your quest, do you see yourself - the hero - as a Christ-like figure?

Describe yourself on your quest - what tools, skills, previous experiences do you bring with you (excluding your previous triumphs and accolades).

What did you find was your call to adventure?

"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."