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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Eternal Echoes

Recently I got to watch one of the greatest films ever made. It's my dad's all time favorite and he quotes it pretty darn often so I've been itching to watch it in a bad way. We sat at a Skyline Chili once as he explained to me in detail the plot line of most of the story and from that day on I'd been dying to watch it.

Well that day finally came. Just a couple days ago I saw for the first time the movie Gladiator.

I don't know how many of you have seen it, and the point of this post is not to review the movie, but it's pretty stinking amazing. The writing is pure brilliance, battle scenes are epic, and the plot moved me in incredible ways.

And now today is Thanksgiving.

I"m not sure how many of you recall last year's Thanksgiving Day post but it's funny because it runs along the same lines as today's.

There's a quote at the very beginning of the movie. The main character, Maximus, is a general in the Roman army. Their legions are standing on the final battlefield, the last that this war should ever see. Maximus gathers his cavalry behind enemy lines and reminds them simply:

"What we do in life...echoes in eternity."

Excuse the poor quality of the video, I just stole someone's from Youtube, but watch the scene below.

This quote is tremendously powerful I think. Especially for us as Christians, the Royal Remnant if you recall last year's post. We are charging into battle, a battle to defend the purity of this holiday, the honor of our God, and the truth that we have inside of us.

In this day and age the truth and majesty, the power, of Jesus Christ is denied. And it is up to us to stand against the tide and fight for his banner.

There once was a dream that was America. A dream of a nation that raised hands together in one accord and praised the One True God that had delivered them from their chains. There once was a dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of God's own heart.

The pilgrims knew this that first Thanksgiving day. They threw down the gauntlet and declared that God was God. They praised him for his powerful work in bringing them to this great land, for rescuing them from persecution. They formed the line, and charged into battle. And their actions sent tremendous reverberations throughout eternity.

They are remembered today as pioneers of a new age and a new world. A new world that would become the first of true freedom and liberty.

Now the torch has passed to us, hundreds of years later.

Will you fight?

Hold the line. Stay with me.

My brothers, what we do in life...echoes in eternity.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sneakily Sneaky Sneakiness

I mentioned major sneaking in my previous post...and now it's time to reveal the secret.

A message to fans of Wayne Thomas Batson:>

Sneak, the definition thereof: 1.) To go or move in a quiet, stealthy way. 2.) A person regarded as stealthy. 3.) An instance of sneaking; a quiet, stealthy movement. 4.) Carried out in a clandestine manner. 5.) Perpetrated without warning

Greetings Warriors, Shield Maidens, Elves, and all those that dwell in the Realm of Glimpses;

There are passages and doorways…and realms that lie unseen. And there are those who traverse these lands in secret to fight for the One True King. They are many and they are one. They are:

The League of Extraordinarily Sneaky People.

I am but one though I speak for the many. There is a warrior outside our ranks whom we desire to honor greatly. Many of us he has trained, many he has shown light, and into all he has burned a message of hope. His name is Sir Wayne Thomas Batson, the Loremaster.

The League has special things in store. Sneaking of the sneakiest sneakiness. Sneaking of great awesome power. Sneaking so sneaky we needed a new word to describe it—Sneakalotoricalsneakiness….No wait, that’s just ridiculous. >

Our scheme will come to fruition at His Way Christian Bookstore In Ellicott City on Saturday December 4th from 11AM-3PM. This happens to be the first official Sword in the Stars Book Signing as well!

Plan on attending and entering to win one of two copies of Sword in the Stars, a copy of The Door Within book on CD as well as other surprises! And dress in your sneakiest fantasy costume!

If you cannot make the journey, the League has more sneakiness to offer. Contact our leader for more information!

Join our ranks through the Book of Faces here: Or contact our leader by email:

Oh, did I mention there’ll be cake?

~ The League ::sneak::

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where in the World is Nathan Petrie?

That's a question I'm always asking. :D But I'm sure any reader of this blog is probably thinking the same thing. You know, assuming you actually read this thing once in a while (which I'm so thankful for my many readers). And, as usual, I"ve been up to no good. And for all those interested, here's what my life has been like. And what I"m looking forward to.
The biggest thing that has kept me busy has been marching band. The season just ended a few weeks ago but until then I was busy with my saxophone just about every night. This being my first year in the program, I wasn't sure what to expect. It was both extremely fun and extremely time consuming. It ate away at a lot of my writing and free time but it was definitely an experience worth having. I"m glad I marched and will likely march again next year. It was a lot of work, but it was really fun.

[I"m on the far right]

I've had lots of books to keep me busy. I won a copy of Imaginary Jesus a while back and the author mailed me to copy about a month later. The book was not only hilarious, but insightful and helpful to my Christian walk.

I also picked up a copy of Radical by David Platt. Seriously guys....if you want to take your faith seriously, I'd highly recommend this book. It challenged me in ways I can't even begin to explain and has redefined a lot of things about my faith. The book rocked and for those of you with a blog, Waterbrook Press (the publisher of Radical) has a sweet new review program and you can snag this book for free!!

As for fiction, I've been reading Masters and Slayer by Bryan Davis (AWESOME!) and re-reading The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson for reasons I'll go into later in this post. Sometime before December I'm going to reread The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. You know, get hyped for the epic new movie coming out soon!

At school my classes are getting more difficult, and therefore more time consuming, which has also sucked away a good chunk of Internet vegging. I'm pretty excited/scared for the rest of this year. Just looking at my class schedule makes me feel educated LOL

Since the close of marching band and the rebeginning of my social life I've been diving head first back into writing. And I"m pretty excited about what's happening in that area.

1. I submitted the first half of my novella, The Chains of Hethra, to a scholarship contest called the Overture Awards. It's a pretty prestigious award given out by an Arts organization in my area and I've got a pretty good shot at winning this thing. My guidance counselor loved the story and the AP Senior English teacher, though providing a lot of criticism, seemed to believe in the work as well. Having that backing always feels good, you know?

2. I'm working on a previously mentioned short story to submit to the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. My teacher keeps bugging me to submit and since I already have that awesome idea for a story, I"m giving it a whirl. Reading the submissions that won in the previous years I'm pretty sure I can place pretty high in this contest (having a separate category for Fantasy helps ;) lol). This story is going to be awesome. I'll likely post it here once the contest is over with.

3. My novel is still in the rut while I decide what to do about the plot issues. On a whole I've decided not to move forward with stretching it to 75,000 words as I'd originally planned. I just don't think it's possible to make the story that long. The plan as of right now is to try to find a way to combine the 20 or so thousand words at the beginning to the 20 or so thousand at the end. So I'm shooting for somewhere between 5 and 10K in the middle. Here's hoping for a spark of creativity!

4. Not stretching the TCOH novel is good news in disguise. It means you all get to read the story faster, and that I can start writing my other novel sooner! I should be able to breeze through the beginning drafts of this one since I have such a good outline to work with. And then I can work on getting that one edited and eventually published.

Oh and on the negative side of life the space bar on my computer broke :( Which has kept me from typing my writing and from updating this blog. Currently I"m using my dad's computer LOL

So that's what I've been up to. Stay tuned for news on some EXTREME SNEAKINESS that involves author Wayne Thomas Batson!

In the meantime, what have you been up to? And what would you like me to do a blog post/series on? I've got some ideas but I want yours!

I'm all ears :D

To the end,
"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."