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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sneakily Sneaky Sneakiness

I mentioned major sneaking in my previous post...and now it's time to reveal the secret.

A message to fans of Wayne Thomas Batson:>

Sneak, the definition thereof: 1.) To go or move in a quiet, stealthy way. 2.) A person regarded as stealthy. 3.) An instance of sneaking; a quiet, stealthy movement. 4.) Carried out in a clandestine manner. 5.) Perpetrated without warning

Greetings Warriors, Shield Maidens, Elves, and all those that dwell in the Realm of Glimpses;

There are passages and doorways…and realms that lie unseen. And there are those who traverse these lands in secret to fight for the One True King. They are many and they are one. They are:

The League of Extraordinarily Sneaky People.

I am but one though I speak for the many. There is a warrior outside our ranks whom we desire to honor greatly. Many of us he has trained, many he has shown light, and into all he has burned a message of hope. His name is Sir Wayne Thomas Batson, the Loremaster.

The League has special things in store. Sneaking of the sneakiest sneakiness. Sneaking of great awesome power. Sneaking so sneaky we needed a new word to describe it—Sneakalotoricalsneakiness….No wait, that’s just ridiculous. >

Our scheme will come to fruition at His Way Christian Bookstore In Ellicott City on Saturday December 4th from 11AM-3PM. This happens to be the first official Sword in the Stars Book Signing as well!

Plan on attending and entering to win one of two copies of Sword in the Stars, a copy of The Door Within book on CD as well as other surprises! And dress in your sneakiest fantasy costume!

If you cannot make the journey, the League has more sneakiness to offer. Contact our leader for more information!

Join our ranks through the Book of Faces here: Or contact our leader by email:

Oh, did I mention there’ll be cake?

~ The League ::sneak::


Squeaks said...

Lol! Sneakalotoricalsneakiness XD I like it. This is an excellent post on sneaking.

Signed with a sneaky smile,

Squeaks -- the sneaker (O.o not the shoe) XD

Anonymous said...

AWW, MAN!! I can't come. Oh, well. WTB, please come to GA!! (Or at least TN.) He'll come when we win, though. lol


"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."