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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Catalyst - When the Novel Stalls....

While writing this post, much of the HTML was lost. Please for give the extremely bumpy nature while I work on fixing it.

Most of the time I think of myself as pretty special. Somehow better than most people, and by most people I surely mean the me of the past. I've got talent, I've got potential, and I've got all of it racing with a head start.

But really, when we get down to the meat and grit of things, I'm just like every other aspiring novelist. And there's thousands of them. I'm nothing special.

My novel stalls.

It gets stuck. It refuses to work with me. Characters change their minds. And the plot refuses to thicken.

And it happens often.

As a writer, I think two things are paramount to completed a good novel. These are more than technical skill and more than magical creativity. Before any work can be done, every writer must be inspired and for that work to ever be completed, he must be encouraged.

In writing circles, even on this blog, we talk a lot about inspiration. Where do our ideas come from? What stirs our mind to seek out and pen new worlds and new people, never before imagined? But I think we often forget what keeps the inspiration going when the novel inevitably stalls.

The encouragement. The catalyst.

I've whined a lot about my novel sitting at a stand still. (Wait...sitting at a stand still? haha) I run out of plot ideas. And before long, without actually

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Song for the Overlooked - New Year!

Well howdy ya'll! I'm from Kentucky! Don't worry, I brought me shoes with me for the special occasion!

It's officially year two-thousand, eleven in the year of our Lord! WOOHOO!

We had a rocking awesome party at my house to celebrate where we sang a song that I'll let you all listen to shortly but first....time to wrap up stories from last year.

I finished my short story, originally entitled The Outside which I changed and will likely change again. Check out the blog post on it here. And, for those of you interested, I'll be posting the story to this blog fairly soon.

The Chains of Hethra Update: I've been blocked on this story for quite some time, having no idea what to write in the middle portion of the book. I've come to a decision about what to write, outlined several new scenes, etc. I'm confident that I can have this story written by the end of the coming summer if not before. All that is left for me to do is sit down and write it, and I'm going to need to some help getting back into this story...been so long.

I got an Xbox for Christmas along with Modern Warfare 2. For those interested....gamer tag is KeeneyeNP.

I had several posts planned for Christmas, etc, but never got around to writing them. If any are interested, I'd consider throwing some of 'em up here.

I'll have a book review up soon as well as some other things. The New Year calls for a renewal of blog posts right? And I hope you all continue reading!

And now, please enjoy this lovely song about a part of society that is often overlooked. It's a great song to help us keep our focus in the coming new year. Enjoy! And when you're done, tell me about your holiday traditions. Christmas, New Years, whatever! I wanna know! Leave a comment below!

To the end,
"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."