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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Agape Times Three - Part One: The Maker

Hello internet! I've been busy getting a job (Kroger's is awesome), wrapping up the second trimester of school, and once again losing half of my novel to technology malfunction (sad face). But I promised a series on my thoughts on love and so....LET IT BE! (pun intended)

Love is the driving force behind all actions. We wake up in the morning because there is something that we love, we eat because we love our bodies, our routines, our plans. We make friends because we love them, or how they make us feel, and every creative thing we do directly results from a source or an object of love.

But true love, as it was intended to be felt, can only be understood by understanding the one Being with the inherant nature to love.

God. The Lover.

God is love. Therefore to understand love, we study the character of God.

What we find, is much different from the mushy-gooshy nature of the modern day portrayal of love.

What things do we know about God? He is holy, he is jealous, he is faithful, he is gracious, etc. He was willing to die.

God is holy. He is perfect, just. He is set a part, infinitely higher and seperated from other things. He is sinless and seperate.

In this perfect, holy nature God is so set a part that he cannot bear the sight of anything stained by darkness. And yet, he ventured into this world to chase the one he loved.

God is jealous. His one love played the harlot with suitors, giving everything to them, and his heart burned. His love rejected him and ran after others, and he couldn't stand it.

God is faithful. Though his love rejected him, sinned against him, cheated on him, stole his things, destroyed his gifts, he still loved her. He still blessed her. He still loved her.

God died for his love. Though she hated him, though she mocked him, though she dragged his name through the mud time and time again God chased after her and ultimately laid down his life to rescue her from unknown captors. The romance of Good Friday. The meaning of love.

Jesus Christ fell in love with humanity. But they could not love him back as they were dead in their sins. They couldn't love him back. It wasn't possible. They couldn't understand His love nor could they understand love period. Their minds were dead, and their hearts even more so.

But, things had been set in motion by His father. And His father knew that the only way to free them of their broken minds and dead bodies was for someone that lived to die. Christ was the only one truly alive. He was not dead in sin. He knew no sin. He loved and was love.

And so Christ bore the cross for the sake of his bride. To woo her to himself he laid down his very own life.

Is this not astounding? We are that bride. We were unfaithful, we were dirty, we were rotten. And God gave everything for our love. Were we deserving of it? Not by any means. People, Christians even, have this idea that God loves us because we are so lovable. But this simply isn't true.

God doesn't love us because we're beautiful, special, or somehow deserving of his love. How could he? We aren't. We're ugly, totally unworthy, and hate him in our nature. He loves us, because it is his nature to love. Agape--unconditional love.

After all, that is why we exist. To love, and be loved.

God's magnificent example of love is a challenge and, I think, a message to us all. We should strive to love God and to love others just as he loved us. Unconditionally, radically, sacrificially.

God died to prove his love. We should be willing to die for our love of him.

The difference is that He is worthy and deserving of our love. But do we love Him?

Let's chat.

To the end,


Stephen Pope said...

wow, this was an awesome blog post! I love how you put it as it is: we were dirty, haters of God, but Christ died that we may have a relationship with Him. this is so amazing that words cannot describe how I feel. Nathan R. Petrie, you are a true worshipper of God and it will be a pleasure to see you in heaven someday :D thanks so much for this post

Jake said...

Good post. :) Just ye try to write such concepts in your writing? O_o If so...send a copy over. :| A combination of theology and fiction is powerful.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@Stephen, I'm still not sure you realize how much of an encouragement you are to me :) Thank you for reading this post and for your kind words :) Keep the faith!

@Jake, I try to combine powerful spiritual truths into every fictional story that I write. Otherwise...stories are without purpose and meaning. At least for me. The Chains of Hethra, my novel, is an allegory of the Gospel and so I have naturally infused it with many of these concepts. I intend to write another novel, epic outline planned, on the topic of Christians serving God passionately in a cosmic battle.

But really, could I escape this idea of love in any story? Not really. I weave it into all of them :-) I may post a link to my last short story sometime :)

Macy said...

I really enjoyed this blog. It really makes you think. The world is so full of hatred and people don't even realize it. They think it's ok when in reality it's not. Jesus died on the cross for US and most people don't even care! They think "oh well, he died for us and forgives all our sins so it's ok to sin cuz he'll just forgive them right away" it's not like that. We shouldn't sin. He DIED for us and we don't even car we should let Christ live through us and not commit sin and love eachother and most of all love Christ. Believe in him and when I say believe I don't just mean know the facts mean trust him! Trust and love and desire to love and trust is the key

"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."