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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Governor's School for the Arts

Buenos dias, bonswa, and good day, writers and readers alike!

I do plan on writing the rest of the Haiti blogs (oh life, take a break now and then will you?), but as this is a writing blog, I thought I'd jot a blurb about my writing journy on here for the record.

I recently gained acceptance into the Governor's School for the Arts.

Well that's fine and dandy Nathan, care to explain?


The Governor's School for the Arts is a Kentucky program for highschool Juniors and Seniors. It is a three week interdisciplinary program that trains artists of different mediums to be sucessful in their craft and...have fun. About 2,000 students applied for the program, and I want to say that about one hundred to two hundred of us were accepted. Among other things, colleges in Kentucky offer full ride scholarships for attendees.

The submission and acceptance process was a great learning expierence for me. I can't speak for the other disciplines (art, instrumental music, vocal, drama, architecture, etc,), but I will walk you through the Creative Writing portion. Acceptance was based on:

1. "Long Term" Writing Piece
Writers were required to submit a piece of writing (poem, drama, story, essay) no more than eight standard pages long for review. I submitted a short story entitled By the Rivers of Water (click link to read!).

The submission worried me. Not because I doubt my skills, but because I wrote the piece over the weekend. I--being the master of all procrastinators--waited until two days before the deadline to write the piece. I wrote it, and submitted it, without editing, because I didn't have time to edit. I later edited it and came to the realization was terrible.

Nevertheless, a few months later I got an email. They wanted an interview.

2. Group Interview
What do you think of when you read those two words? Group interview? Further, the email asked we bring a one page, double-spaced, piece to read in the interview. I imagined a group critique--a chance for the teachers to gauge or ability to function in the program.


I entered a room with five or less other writers, sat in a line at a desk, and listened as we were each asked questions in turn: explain what inspires you, what is your writing and revision process. I'd spent a great deal of time thinking about these things over the years, so it was a breeze.

For my short piece, I read an edited version of Beside the Fence. Much better than the version posted here on the blog. The judges/teachers...loved it.

So now, for three weeks this summer, I will attend a writing workshop like I've never seen before. I'm stoked.

What kind of programs have you attended? Workshops? Conferences? What sort of auditions have you been a part of?

Let's chat.

Strength and Courage,


R.P.H said...

Wow Nathan... this is really, really cool. Congrats :-) Please be sure to share all about it! BTW I love the new look for your blog... very nice.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Thanks much Ryan! :) I'll be sure to share everything :)

Thanks! Took me long enough to switch over haha

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