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Monday, July 9, 2012

Govenor's School for the Arts - Recap

I got back from GSA this Saturday and I have this to say about it: AMAZING.

Those of you who live in Kentucky or any other state--look into your GSA program, see if you have one, and apply. It was truly amazing.

What was so amazing? Well, let me give you the rundown.

Every morning began with a performance or presentation from nationally or even internationally recognized artists. We had painters, weavers, classical dancers, contemporary dancers, orchestral chamber music, wind chamber music, contemporary (think Cage) music, a cellist, three poets, dramatists (solo and in groups), filmakers, jazz pianists, architects, and more!

Following these inspiring performances, we went to studio/master classes. As a Creative Writer, my instructors were Kelly Norman Ellis, Mitchell LH Douglas, and Ellen Hagan. Look them up. They're brilliant. All three are college professors and one even directs an MFA program. We got the best of the best.

In class, we recieved writing prompts, detailed lessons on the craft, guest artist appearences (we had Maurice Manning, Lynnell Edwards, Alicia Whitaker, and  THE Frank X Walker...look these cats up....they are Pulitzer nominees and trailblazers). We also workshopped writing immediately after writing it...esentially a college course but with more engaged classmates and teachers.

At night, more people performed for us, and if not, we'd go up to the computer labs and type what we wrote that day and recieved personal one-on-one critiques from the professors.

In our free time, we did more writing, read for the school at weekly Coffee Houses, collaborated with visual artists (I had a poem illustrated!), jammed in the lobby to impromtu jazz, played cards, and got to know each other even better.

To bed at midnight, up again at 7.

As for the Word War, my final word count is......

And I think I underestimated quite a bit. I filled up an entire TopFlight Wired notebook. This doesn't count blog posts, journal entries, etc. This is only poetry and prose.

Post your final word counts and/or questions about GSA! I'll give you a few more days and then announce the winner!

Strength and Courage,


Jake said...

My final word count (prose and poetry) is somewhere around 11,125. I never did start my novel, otherwise my count would have been a lot higher. *headdesk*

Hyperlinkzer said...

I didn't get much, I've been busy. My final count is 4,046. :| Oh well.

Eruantien Nenharma said...

Final Word Count: 27,102

Eruantien Nenharma said...

So who won?

"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."