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Thursday, September 6, 2012

God Breathed Writing

I want to write something worth reading, but not only that, I want to write something God wants me to write, and something that brings honor to His name. I want to challenge readers, but more often than not, my writing challenges myself. Sometimes too much.

Obviously, I'm an extremely busy teenager so novel writing is difficult--but that's not all that I mean when I say it is a challenge.

I'm challenged to believe and live what I write. And I'm challenged to write the truth, and do so with some semblance of literary value. And that's difficult because it's not the only thing I'm doing.

So if you would, friends and readers, please pray for me as I write this story. The outline is nearly complete, at least enough to get started writing, but it doesn't feel...right.

How has your own writing challenged you spiritually or in other ways?

Strength and Courage,


Jake said...

I know *exactly* what you mean. Earlier this year I was in the same predicament. My outline was finished but it didn't feel...right. Here and there it felt off.

One of two things usually fixed it: strengthening the theme/characters (they're irrevocably tied to each other), and strengthening the plot. Sometimes it took days to think of a right-feeling solution to one area of plot that felt lacking, or to find a sufficient theme to carry the characters along to the end. But once you find the problem and fix it, it'll feel *right*.

But don't pick at it for too long. Eventually your story has to be born, and it'll be born ugly. But you'll find that it'll eventually grow up and become what you need it to be. :)

Jessica said...

Amen Nathan! Missed you in the blogging world! Praying that your writing is comes along.


ycat93 said...

Nathaaaaannn. Guess who? I probably shouldn't read your blog all night because I have homework. And I'm really curious about this story idea. May pester you to spill the beans to me. xD

-uh.. I need a cool nickname.. Hmm

Yes, you're jealous :)

Donny Yodel said...

Hullo in there, Keeneye. Some interested parties are wondering you still exist and plan to post proof of such? If so, we would be delighted. ^^

~ Gwendolyn

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Thanks guys!

And thanks Yvonne! I could email you the novella if you'd like. ;)

Hey Gwen! I exist! Just had different priorities :) But, I'm hoping to work this back in.

"Stand tall now and proclaim what you have seen, speak in whispered roars..."