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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Artist: Change in Mediums

I'm blogging again. It's time to return to the self indulging internet and spill my guts about whatever I feel like, hoping someone somewhere might read it. Apparently, I've been missed.

Since GSA, school stole my time but I worked on the novel. More recently, I've abandoned fiction in pursuit of poetry. I love it. I can write more, better pieces than I could with just fiction. I'd like to return someday, but for now I am content being a poet.

I've been successful too. Overture Award semis, Scholastic Writing American Voice nomination, and great personal enjoyment from it all.

I'm becoming okay with this new writing identity--verse instead of prose, stanzas instead of chapters. I leave you with this parting sonnet.

To Share a Poem
Nathan R. Petrie

I wanted to share a poem with you
today, something to make you think
like Finney, remember like Frost, or, better,
weep like Keats. Got to wondering why
that was—why I thought important, meaningful
writing provoked, shouted, or cried. Why
I thought I knew good work by the count
of those who remembered it. Got to thinking maybe
there was too much of that: too much clinched-teeth,
eye-wetting, accept-the-unacceptable writing. That maybe
we’d lost touch with why we wrote to begin with, the pleasure
of seeing, like perched eagles, crystal rivers shape the earth.

So, I wanted to share a poem, but tonight, by light of a slowly
growing moon, all I saw was this. At least, I can say that it’s true.

What've you been working on? Any poets? I've missed this.

Strength and Courage,


Jessica Greyson said...

And we've missed you Nathan!!! Glad to see you back! :D Perhaps we'll see you more often? I miss all the writerly discussions that used to run so abundantly over here.

Right now I am editing my second book that is heading toward publication and...celebrating over my first (very small) royalty check from my book Annabeth's War.

Hope to see you around more often!


Storm Marie White said...

Glad to see you're blogging again man :)
Poetry is awesome! Sometimes the best way to respark your creativity in one medium is to be creative in a different one, so here's hoping you return to prose someday even better than ever.
Though when I saw the title I was really hoping you went into painting or something.
Oh, and congrats on your success! That's great, you totally deserve it :)


Nathan R. Petrie said...

Jessica! You're published! Why you no email and facebook me and make me buy it! Who'd you publish with?

Barie, I'm becoming more and more a poet. That's just who I am now. I'd like to write novels one day, I'm just not prepared to now.

And I wish I could paint, or draw, or be visually artistic :(


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