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Saturday, March 2, 2013

To UK or to UofL

Stay in school and don't do drugs. College is important.

I'm looking forward to it. New classes, a focus on literature and writing, it's going to be a blast. The only problem is where to go and how to get there.

Lots of ups and downs about where I want to go, why I want to go there, how I know I want to go there, and whether I'll be content with making the decision to go there on that basis. I wrote a poem earlier in the year about this indecision, this contstant movement toward an unknown end. I'm sure there's some other seniors out there--here's what I'm feeling.

Standing Still
The sun sets, the wind walks, to your left a rabbit scurries
through thick twelve inch grass; dusk breathes on the earth,
and clouds billow and brush past stars that—though seemingly motionless—
pulse with purposeful passion.
And you sit still, not at a crossroads but a field—beautiful and windswept
like the girl you love crossing smooth legs at your hip, like her hair which dances
as she once did, a hummingbird or an otter in a shallow brook; she whispers wisdom,
but you don’t hear over the perpetual motion of the field—not now, not yet.
No, you listen to the sun—that burning, fiery star
tugging at your empty chest, pulling you toward its purifying kiln;
you can’t hear the soft vibration of her lips because right now, you wish
the sun would just this once stand still for you.

You dream—if only for a second, only for a moment,
that racing star might wait for you.

Any seniors our there? Where are you headed next year? Any college kids or out of college kids? What helped you decide? Let's chat.

Strength and Courage,


Storm Marie White said...

Geez, you're a senior and haven't decided where you're going yet? I hope you at least have a couple you're considering :P

I'm technically a junior but I'm going to start doing some college classes next year, most likely. Should be cool.

I definitely wouldn't have guessed out of context that that poem was about choosing your college, haha.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

When I wrote this, and really forever, I had UK or Louisville in mind. It's been a tough decision but I think I'm going to go to UK.

Yeah? What classes? I've taken quite a few. Been a blast! Get to go in as a Sophmore now.

And the poem's not about college, but it involves the feeling that comes with college decisions haha

Storm Marie White said...

I'll just sit here and awkwardly comment again four days later..
UK stands for University of Kentucky right? I keep thinking United Kingdom, but I'm pretty sure that's not it ;P

That's awesome, I bet that'll save your family a lot of money then. College is so insanely expensive.

Ah, that makes sense. :P It's a nice poem, by the way. I like your recent ones much better than the ones your wrote a couple years back.

Jaime said...

Hello! I just happened to stumble across this blog. I'm a fellow blogger who recently transitioned from writing at to a new blog- - to document my journey through college. I'm a senior as well, and I recently decided on the University of Florida. It was a tough choice between that and Wheaton College in Illinois, but I decided to stay closer to home, (and to stay warm!) haha Best of luck with your college choice!

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